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Open government data analytics with R


  1. eurostat eurostat Public

    R tools for Eurostat data

    R 229 45

  2. pxweb pxweb Public

    R tools to access PX-WEB API

    R 68 30

  3. giscoR giscoR Public

    Download geospatial data from GISCO API - Eurostat

    R 64 1

  4. geofi geofi Public

    R package for accessing Finnish geospatial data

    R 15 6

  5. regions regions Public

    R package for validating sub-national statistical typologies, re-coding across standard typologies of sub-national statistics. Check out or for use cases.

    R 7 2

  6. usdoj usdoj Public

    For Accessing U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Open Data

    R 5


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