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MicroDatosEs is an R package to process microdata provided by Spanish statistical agencies (mostly, INE).

It is a package in continuous process of expansion: it is expanding the number of microdata sets it is able to process and it has to adapt to format changes in new versions of the datasets.

It is intended mostly for microdata which is generated periodically with the same format (e.g., EPA, which is is generated each quarter).

Covered datasets

  • EPA (Encuesta de población activa)
  • Census (2011)
  • EES (Encuesta de estructura salarial)
  • Mortality (Annual deaths in Spain): unfortunately, public microdata does not include the cause of death.
  • EPF (Encuesta de presupuestos familiares)
  • Padrón

Use cases and examples

Help wanted

You can help to improve this package in several ways: expanding its functionality, making it easier to use, making it better known. In particular, if you have a good use case, contact the maintainers and we will include a link to it. You can submit requests via Github's issues facility; they are most welcome.


R package providing utilities for reading and processing microdata from Spanish official statistics



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