Consul-based peer discovery backend for RabbitMQ 3.7.0+
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RabbitMQ Peer Discovery Consul

This is a Consul-based implementation of RabbitMQ peer discovery interface (new in 3.7.0, previously available in the rabbitmq-autocluster plugin by Gavin Roy).

This plugin only performs peer discovery and most basic node health monitoring using Consul as a data source. Please get familiar with RabbitMQ clustering fundamentals before attempting to use it.

While it may seem at times that this is a RabbitMQ cluster management solution, it is not. Cluster provisioning and most of Day 2 operations such as proper monitoring are not in scope for this plugin.

Supported RabbitMQ Versions

This plugin requires RabbitMQ 3.7.0 or later.

For a Consul-based peer discovery and cluster formation mechanism that supports 3.6.x, see rabbitmq-autocluster.


This plugin ships with RabbitMQ as of 3.7.0. There is no need to install it separately. Enable the plugin in offline mode before the node is first started:

rabbitmq-plugins --offline enable rabbitmq_peer_discovery_consul


See RabbitMQ Cluster Formation guide.


See and our development process overview.


Licensed under the MPL, same as RabbitMQ server.


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