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rackspace-monitoring is a Python client library for Rackspace Cloud Monitoring built on top of Apache Libcloud.


Library can be installed using pip:

pip install rackspace-monitoring


from pprint import pprint

from rackspace_monitoring.providers import get_driver
from rackspace_monitoring.types import Provider

Cls = get_driver(Provider.RACKSPACE)
driver = Cls('username', 'api key')

Certificate verification

Libcloud verifies server SSL certificate by default. This means you need to have the correct CA certificate files installed on your computer for this library to work.

If Libcloud cannot find CA certificate files, you will see an error similar to the one below:

"RuntimeError: No CA Certificates were found in CA_CERTS_PATH."

This can be addressed by installing the CA certificate files. Below you can find the names of the packages which include CA certificate files.

  • openssl on CentOS/Fedora (yum)
  • ca-certificates on Debian/Ubuntu/Arch/Gentoo (apt-get)
  • ca_root_nss on FreeBSD (ports)
  • curl-ca-bundle on Mac OS X (ports)

Testing, style, code coverage

Running tests

sudo tox

This will run tests on all the supported versions.

If you only want to run tests for a single version use:

sudo tox -e <version>

Where version is one of:

  • py25
  • py26
  • py27
  • pypy
  • py32

Checking pep8 compliance

python pep8

Generating code coverage report

python coverage

Build status

Build Status

Issues, Feedback

Please use Github issue tracker or send an email to