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Coverage Status

Rackspace Autoscale

There Otter be an Otter scaling system.

Otter Cups

This codebase is not able to be deployed independently. The code is open source as a reference, but requires dependencies not available within this repository.

Talk with us! Join us in: #stretch-dev

Otter Dev Hall of Fame (alphabetical):

  • cyli
  • lvh
  • manisht
  • radix
  • wirehead

Honorary Otters:

  • glyph

Emeritus otters:

  • dreid
  • fsargent
  • oubiwann
  • rockstar

make targets


  • make hooks to set up pre-commit hooks for the project (PLEASE RUN THIS IF DEVELOPING ON THE PROJECT)

Build an environment:

  • make env-precheck makes sure you have enough pre-existing infrastructure to be able to run make env to begin with.
  • make env creates and switches into the Python virtualenv environment. It'll also pip-install development requirements.

Run tests, check code quality:

  • make test runs both unit and integration tests.
  • make unit runs unit tests.
  • make integration runs integration tests.
  • make coverage performs coverage analysis.
  • make lint performs a lint (PEP8, et. al.) check on the source code.
  • make listoutdated returns the packages that are currently installed that have new versions available on PyPI. This is normally run as a part of make lint.
  • make flake8diff looks at the diff introduced by your current branch and lints it. This is normally run as a part of make lint.
  • make flake8full is like flake8diff, except on the entire repository.

Build the documentation:

  • make docs builds all other documentation targets (listed below).
  • make sphinxdocs builds all Sphinx documentation.
  • make docbook builds all user-facing Docbook documentation.


  • make bundle builds a "bundle" appropriate for deployment (Ubuntu only). For Jenkins and Chef use only.
  • make run starts up an instance of the Otter API.

Cleaning up

  • make cleandocs removes all documentation artifacts without removing other artifacts.
  • make clean removes all build-time artifacts, leaving the repository in a distributable state.

Build and migrate Cassandra schemata

Some tools for building Cassandra schemata as CQL files:

  • make schema-setup generates the setup CQL files.
  • make schema-teardown generates the teardown CQL files.
  • make schema generates the CQL files corresponding to setting up and tearing down Otter's Cassandra schema. Equivalent to running make schema-setup schema-teardown manually.

Some tools for applying Cassandra schemata (by default, these are pointed at localhost, because they're typically only used within the development VM):

  • make load-dev-schema will attempt to load the development schema into Cassandra.
  • make migrate-dev-schema will attempt to update the development schema on an existing Cassandra instance.
  • make teardown-dev-schema will attempt to remove a development schema from an existing Cassandra instance.
  • make clear-dev-schema first removes any existing development schema, then re-installs a fresh schema.
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