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This the source for the Racket package: "racket-lang-org".


  • www: actual content of main site.

  • blog: actual content of blog.

  • download: content of download site (only installer pages and such)

  • */all.rkt: files that just require all the necessary modules to build the whole site or sub-sites

  • */resources.rkt: files that define the resources for a site (icon, css, logo)

  • minis: smaller one-source-file sites

  • stubs: template "sites" that are intended to be hooked into other systems to get the racket look.

To build:

[See "upload" and --dry-run for an alternative]

  • Run "racket all.rkt -o

    " to build all pages to subdirectories of

    . As a safety measure, the target directory must not overlap with any installed directory. (Use `-f' in scripts to avoid answering the question about deleting existing files.)
  • Running any "*.rkt" might build a page and things that it references. (Use -h as usual.) That's less true for newer pages.

  • For older pages, you can choose -w (the default) for web mode, -l for local using "file://" references, or -r for' local mode using relative references. Normally, you'll want to use -l for testing, and then use -w for deployment.

  • Set the $GIT_DIR environment variable to point to the ".git" directory of a Racket repository if you want to extract release information from a repository other than the enclosing one.

To upload:

  • You'll need credentials to upload to S3, and those credentials should be in "~/.aws-keys".

  • You'll need the "s3-sync" Racket package installed.

  • Run the "sync.rkt" script: racket -l- racket-lang-org/sync

  • To build without uploading, use --save-temps --render-locally <directory-name>. If you don't have AWS credentials, the pages will still build, and look for "Files so far written to" for the temporary directory that contains the rendered pages.


Contribute to Racket by submitting a pull request, reporting an issue, joining the development mailing list, or visiting the IRC or Slack channels.


Racket, including these packages, is free software, see LICENSE for more details.

By making a contribution, you are agreeing that your contribution is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license and the MIT license.


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