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The C# implementation of the r2wars tournament competition

Tournament api from:


r2wars is a game similar to corewars, where 2 programs run on a shared memory space trying to catch each other in order to trash their code and make them crash.

This game was initially developed by pancake as a PoC in here

You can refer to the r2wars For N00bs talk from r2con2020 for more information:

Furthermore, you can find an explanation of the game in the first competition that happened during the 2nd r2con in 2017.

This repository contains an evolved implementation of the engine written in C# by SkUaTeR dropping the MFC requirement that was making it impossible to run outside Windows.

The solution was to use an embedded webserver that provides a web interface using websockets to stream the process changes from the M


  • Mono / .NET Runtime (always from mono project some distros packages dont work)
  • radare2

On windows you need to have radare2.exe and rasm2.exe in the same directory as the r2wars.exe executable.

On Mac/Linux/BSD, r2wars will try to find them in the PATH.