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Keboola Writer for FTP/FTPS

A FTP/FTPS Keboola Connect Writer component that handles data writing from KBC storage to a remote location via FTP/FTPS protocol. Written in Node.js with utilization of Babel/ES6/ES7 functionality.


Configuration is very straightforward. One has to select input files from Keboola Storage, put credentials and you are all set. The possible options are described below.

Table selection

A Keboola helper for Table Input Mapping selection is enabled. It's a GUI component that simplify the input table selection and enabled some advanced functionality like columns specification. Feel free to experiment with this.

FTP/FTPS settings

The configuration structure for the FTP/FTPS Writer is very straightforward and there is a GUI helper that helps you to prepare the configuration. Check out the summary in the list below.

  • Remote host - FTP/FTPS hostname.
  • Username - FTP/FTPS username.
  • Password - FTP/FTPS password. Will be encrypted.
  • Protocol - ftp/ftps. Default value set to ftp.
  • Remote path - path within FTP/FTPS. Default value set to '/'.
  • Port - port of the remote host. Default value set to 21.
  • Append datetime - true/false. A flag for making a datetime the part of the name. Default value set to false.
  • Datetime format - standard ISO 8601 symbols for specifying the datetime (if append datetime set to true).
  • Placeholder - This is relevant to output filename. See the details below.
  • Connection retries - a number of possible retries if something goes wrong. Default value set to 5.


The required parameters are Remote host, Username, Password and Protocol. There must be a non-empty value for each of these parameter in the input configuration. If not, the execution will failed.

Datetime configuration

You can append a datetime suffix at the end of the filename. Just set Append datetime parameter in the configuration to true. The default format of datetime suffix is YYYYMMDD_HHmmss, but you can simply updating it by changing Datetime format parameter.


If you set the append datetime parameter to true, you can specify how the final file name will look like. The placeholder must contains %%table%% and %%datetime%% strings and you can basically mix the output in any way you want. (e.g.: %%table%%_%%datetime%%). If string is empty or specified incorrectly, a default format is applied.