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Debian package for LibreSSL

Build Status

This repository provides the LibreSSL alternative to OpenSSL packaged for Debian.


It currently provides four packages, similar to the OpenSSL packages in Debian:

  • libressl-utils: the /usr/bin/openssl and such, conflicts with the Debian openssl package.
  • libressl-doc: development documentation
  • libressl2.3: LibreSSL libraries, and Libary versions should differ to the OpenSSL ones, thus should be possible to co-exist with e.g. libssl1.0.0.
  • libressl-dev: Development files, conflicts with the Debian openssl-dev package.


This repository should build LibreSSL simply by cloning it and building it, preferably with pbuilder.

If you have setup a pbuilder environment, build the package by running pdebuild in the cloned repository.

Using LibreSSL

In order for applications to use LibreSSL instead, they need to be re-linked against LibreSSL instead of OpenSSL. Many times, it is as simple as changing dependencies from libssl-dev to libressl-dev and rebuild the package.

It might be useful to rebuild packages inside a pbuilder environment to avoid conflicts with libssl-dev.