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Check out the video here.

General info

In the fall of my junior year in high school, I took a Design Technology class. For my final project, I constructed a three-dimensional marble maze using the laser cutter. It would have been intractably difficult to design the maze by hand, so I wrote this library to generate the schematics. You can see a making-of video at my website here.

The endpoints of the library are as follows:

  • mazes.gui.MazeApplet2D generates and displays two-dimensional mazes
  • mazes.gui.MazeApplet3D generates and displays three-dimensional mazes
  • mazes.gui.MazeApplet4D generates and displays four-dimensional mazes
  • mazes.schematic.SchematicGenerator allows bulk generation of 3D mazes to find ones that can be built
  • mazes.gui.BlueprintApplet shows the pieces in simplified form, and shows pieces with poor support
  • mazes.gui.SchematicApplet shows the pieces in full detail
  • mazes.schematic.SchematicExporter exports SVG files containing the pieces for the laser cutter

This is pretty old code. Nowadays I like to put a docstring on every method, but back then... yeah, it's not pretty. And can you guess who didn't use source control? That's right. Sometime in the far-off future I might return to this project and redo it, but probably not anytime soon. What is more likely is my updating this README file to include more helpful information; currently it is quite spare, as you can see. If you are interested in this project, please feel free to contact me at and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.


  • I recommend running this code from Eclipse. This will allow you to easily run the library from each of the entry points listed above. Plus, some of the applets require console interaction.
  • It's currently unclear to me (this project having been written 2+ years ago) whether the mazes or the bin/mazes directory is used for saving and loading maze files. Or perhaps both are used.
  • It takes a long time (possibly as much as several days) to generate a valid 6x6x6 maze using SchematicGenerator. 5x5x5 is much more reasonable and any smaller size is super fast.
  • The schematic for the maze I actually built is located in mazes-svg/maze6_000, and the maze file is mazes/maze6_000.chmz. I'm unsure why there's also a file named mazes/maze6_000.maze. The mazes-svg/maze6_000_classic folder is kept for only sentimental reasons.
  • .maze files are unchecked mazes and .chmz files are checked mazes. Checked mazes don't have unsupported pieces and other features that would make them impossible to build. It still took 24+ hours for my Dad and I to construct the real maze, though.
  • The total time for this project was 4 weeks for coding and 2 weeks for construction, at approximately 60 hours/week.
  • Various dimensions (such as the thickness of material being used for the laser cutter) can be changed in mazes.schematic.Dimensions.
  • The algorithm used in this project to generate mazes is called the Growing Tree algorithm. I think I used a 50/50 split between Newest/Random (see the linked website for an explanation). It's easily generalized to an arbitrary number of dimensions, and it is used without modification in each of the three versions of MazeApplet.





Keyboard controls

  • ␣ to advance maze generation
  • A to toggle animation of maze generation


Sometimes the window does not resize automatically to fit the maze. If this is the case, resize it manually.



Keyboard controls

  • ␣ to advance maze generation
  • A to toggle animation of maze generation
  • F to complete maze generation
  • R to reset maze generation
  • S to save current maze generator status to a file (requires console interaction)
  • L to load a previously saved file (requires console interaction)
  • ← β†’ ↑ ↓ to change the camera angle
  • O to switch the orientation of the maze
  • Q to generate a new random maze
  • C to toggle display of solution


Sometimes the window does not resize automatically to fit the maze. If this is the case, resize it manually.



Keyboard controls

  • ␣ to advance maze generation
  • A to toggle animation of maze generation

BlueprintApplet and SchematicApplet

You will need to enter the name of a maze file at the command line on the launch of both of these applets. This can be a maze that has been completed generated by MazeApplet3D (press S in that applet to save), or it can be one generated by SchematicGenerator.

Keyboard controls

For BlueprintApplet

  • T L O P E K C to select a piece set (stands for [T]etris pieces, [L]ayer pieces, [O]utlines of layer pieces, [P]erforations in layer pieces, perforations in layer pieces with [E]rrors displayed (i.e. unsupported pieces), [K]omposite layer pieces, [C]omposite tetris pieces)

For SchematicApplet

  • R T Y to select the tetris piece set
  • J K L to select the layer piece set
  • A S D to select the side piece set

For both

  • ` to deselect the current piece set
  • ; ' to go backwards and forwards through the currently selected piece set
  • 0 to reset the selected piece to the first (default) piece (after it has been changed by semicolon and quote)
  • ← β†’ ↑ ↓ to change the camera angle
  • G V B N to pan the camera orthogonally
  • 1 ... 6 shift-1 ... shift-6 to modify scale factors (advanced)
  • ␣ to toggle piece visibility - if a piece is "visible" you can see it even when other pieces are selected (multiple pieces may be "visible", even if they are in different piece sets)
  • - = to make "not visible" and "visible" all the pieces in the currently selected set, respectively
  • \ to swap whether "visible" but non-selected pieces are dimmed relative to the selected piece
  • / three times quickly to reset all selections and visibility as well as the camera angle

SchematicGenerator and SchematicExporter

These require console interaction and have no graphical interface.


🌡 Laser-cut a three-dimensional marble maze!







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