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Radiant multi-site flopping between sites and pages not updating upon saving #2

andyg opened this Issue · 0 comments

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I'm noticing an inconsistent bug when I'm logged as an admin in radiant. When navigating from page to page, saving documents that re-direct me to it's parent page, switching from tab to tab etc, I often get redirected to the wrong site.

For instance, I'll be working on this page: http://[mywebsite_AAA]/admin/pages/37/edit

I will save it

and upon save, I get redirected here: http://[mywebsite_BBB]/admin/pages?root=37

but instead of being on the [mywebsite_AAA] site, I'll be looking at the ../admin/pages view of the [mywebsite_BBB] site

Any thoughts? This is a fairly serious issue if users outside of my company are working on [mywebsite_BBB] and are getting re-directed to our [mywebsite_AAA] site.

We have also recieved complaints from our customer with admin access to only one of the sites. In this case [mywebsite_BBB]

This is their complaint:
"As we discussed, there is a glitch when attempting to save changes/updates to the website. Eventually I am able to save, but it takes 4/5 times before the system accepts the change."

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