Attach/detach Radiant Media Player (a.k.a. PiP - picture in picture) when scrolling into a page
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rmp-detachable-player is an open-source extension for Radiant Media Player allowing to attach/detach the player when scrolling into a page (a.k.a. PiP - picture in picture). As such the player can be visible at all time regardless of the page scrolling position. This extension makes use of the new Intersection Observer API.


  • In-page PiP player
  • Automatic resizing of player based on attach/detach states
  • Mobile-ready
  • Works with in-stream and out-stream video ads
  • Easily extended with JavaScript and CSS


Download latest release from the releases tab. See index.html and js/rmp-detach.js files for a better understanding of the attach/detach logic. For outstream video ad see outstream-video-ad.html and js/rmp-detach-outstream-video-ad.js files. Adapt those examples with your player settings and to fit your page layout.


An example of implementation can be viewed here:

Another example of implementation showing how to use outstream video ads can be viewed here:


Issues should be submitted in this GitHub page. We will do our best to review them.


rmp-detachable-player is released under MIT

Radiant Media Player has its own license which can be found here: