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a rutorrent plugin for discord webhook notifications
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A rutorrent plugin for discord webhook notifications (

Sends messages directly into a discord channel with configurable parameters:

And if discord is properly set up, displays desktop notifications the moment a torrent is added, deleted or finished:


  • Make sure you have php-curl installed
  • download/clone repo
  • add discordpush to your rutorrent/plugins directory
  • reload webinterface


  • go to settings > Discord
  • Enable, tick what evens should be notified
  • Paste webhook url you got from your respective channel settings where you want the notifications to appear


  • 10.04.2018

    • Title now contains the torrent name, so that the discord desktop notification contains the complete Torrent title (was just "Torrent Finished/Deleted/Added" before)
    • Reduced the amount of fields in the discord embed (can be re-added in the plugins/discordpush/discord.php file)
    • Tracker now only displays the hostname without the torrent-key portion
  • 05.04.2018

    • Overhauled discord messages, now uses embed rather than a text message
    • Filesize numbers are now properly rounded
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