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Radar is a ripple-protocol-based financial network to promote and develop the fastest and least expensive payment settlements systems on a global scale. It enables payments in all types of currency as easy as sending email.

As the core component of the radar network, the underlying Radard is a series of servers that run peer to peer software. Anyone can freely set up a Radard server to being accepting or receiving payments. In addition to VRP, Radar network introduces a second native currency 'VBC' which is designed to promote the spread and adoption of the Radar network through a reward program. The reward program will be scheduled daily to distribute the pre-defined currency fairly to every eligible user. Using Radard is free and the Radar network is owned by every participant.

This is the repository for Radar's radard, reference P2P server.

Repository Contents


Scripts and data files for Radard integrators.


Intermediate and final build outputs.


Platform or IDE-specific project files.


Documentation and example configuration files.


Source code directory. Some of the directories contained here are external repositories inlined via git-subtree, see the corresponding README for more details.

Transaction Fees

  1. Activating the wallet(Creating an account):It requires a transfer to the newly created account from an existing account. Both owners need to pay 0.01 VRP plus transaction fee for the transfer(see Point 2 for details).
  2. Transaction fee for a transfer
    1. A transfer of VBC or VRP: the sender needs to pay a bill which is 1/1000 of the transfer amount in VRP as the transaction fee, and the minimum transaction fee is 0.001VRP.
    2. Transfer of other currencies: a fixed 0.001 VRP will be applied to each transaction
    3. Other types of transaction, e.g. Offer: a fixed 0.001 VRP will be applied to each transaction
  3. There is no minimum balance required for a wallet, i.e. the entire balance can be transferred out from an activated account.

For more information, see

Build instructions:

  • Use Ubuntu 14.04/15.04 release system
  • Install dependencise
sh Builds/Docker/
  • Compiling
scons --static use-mysql=1 use-hbase=1 -j4
  • run unittest
./build/radard -u

Setup instructions:

  • Setting storage file path, log path, peers ips, and many others by editing radard.cfg
  • Running program as standalone mode
./build/radard --conf radard.cfg -a
  • Running program use as network mode
./build/radard --conf radard.cfg --net 
  • make sure http worked


Radar is open source and permissively licensed under the ISC license. See the LICENSE file for more details.

If you are a financial institution, please contact for enterprise licensing. If you are not a financial institution and you offer public service, you must list on your website and terms of service that your service is an Unofficial Radr Gateway.