GeoPDEs: Isogeometric Analysis in Octave and Matlab, for research and teaching purposes.
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GeoPDEs is an open and free package for the research and teaching of Isogeometric Analysis, written in Octave and fully compatible with Matlab.

The GeoPDEs package provides a common and flexible framework for implementing and testing new isogeometric methods for the solution of partial differential equations.


These are some of the main features of GeoPDEs:

  • Dimension independent implementation: the same code is valid for curves, surfaces and volumes.
  • Implementation of multipatch domains, with conforming interfaces.
  • Div- and curl-conforming spline spaces, also in multipatch domains.
  • Examples for Poisson, linear elasticity, advection-diffusion, bilaplacian, Stokes and Maxwell equations.
  • Adaptive methods with hierarchical B-splines (beta version).
  • Detailed documentation, accessible with the help command.


GeoPDEs is free (as in "free speech") software released under the terms of the GNU GPL license (v3).

Download and installation

To install package, see the details in the GeoPDEs webpage