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Started with a simple demo for the talk at droidconIN 2016, Banglore. Added more examples from GDG New Delhi Meetup. Will keep adding more demos and new things here :)

  • For more information, checkout multi-part Rxify blog series on medium.
  • For the video of this talk click here
  • For the slides click here
  • Slides for the Codelab can be found here

Project Structure

This project :

  • Uses RxJava2 for the demos.
  • Follows the MVP architecture inspired by repository.
  • Makes use of Dagger2
  • Uses Butterknife
  • Uses TestScheduler for writing tests.

Zip-yosa (ZipActivity)

Perform API calls asynchronously and wait for the result of both the calls to combine the result. For more information, checkout this article.

  • We are waiting for FluxWeed API call.

  • We are also waiting for Student API call to get hair of Crab.

  • Both the calls executing asynchronously.

  • Problem :

    • Initialise PolyJuice from the results of API calls.
    • Hide the loader after both calls have completed.

    Here's the demo :

    Here's the demo

Preserving Order in AutoComplete-Search (LibraryActivity)

Depicting the problem of Ordering the results in Auto-Search and solving it using concatMap(). For more information, checkout this article

  • Perform Auto-Complete Search using flatMap() - results in unordered results
  • Toggle state to fix it using concatMap()
  • used BookDataSource and calling getBooks(query) on the data source return the results after a delay which is inversely proportional to the length of query string. - this is done to depict the ordering problem
  • used the open-source library used at my current company Fueled - reclaim which extracts the boiler plate for creation of recyclerview adapter, implementation of MVP for listview items.

Using flatMap() - Order is not maintained.

Using flatMap()

Using concatMap() - Order is maintained.

Using concatMap()

Ordering problem is fixed, but we shouldn't be updating the list this frequently. switchMap() will improve the results even further :

Using switchMap() - Order is maintained.

Using switchMap()


This is the code-lab I conducted at the GDG New Delhi January meetup. SpeakerDeck for this is available here. Completed examples for all the operators are also available on the master branch. For in-detail commit-by-commit codelab. Refer to the codelab branch.

Pre-requisites :

  • Android Studio IDE
  • git
  • Lots of excitement.

Let's Get Started

  • Switch to branch codelab.
  • Checkout at the starting commit : SHA - d5db64950f1616c308bb8174bb8dc01ab69971e8.
  • List of all the commits is here.
  • Open ChillActivity and switch to the desired presenter.
  • Let's Get Started!! Following Excercises are available :

Section 1 - Basic Spells :

Section 2 - To-Do Section :

Section 3 - Threading :

Section 4 - Testing :


  • Implement more demos.


Now: RxJava Playground, Previous: Demo for the talk at DroidconIN 2016, Droidcon Boston 2017 and Codelab for GDG January Meetup





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