Advent of Code 2018, Python 3
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Advent of Code 2018

Advent of Code is a series of 25 holiday-themed coding challenges. This repository contains my solutions for 2018, along with brief notes on each of the puzzles.


Day 1: Chronal Calibration

Part 1: Sum a list of numbers.

Part 2: Add up a cycle of numbers until you get the same total twice. All inputs have a cycle.

Day 2: Inventory Management System

Part 1: Count the number of letters in the IDs, apply the checksum as specified.

Part 2: Find a pair of IDs that differ by only one character. Return their overlap.

Finding the difference between two equal length strings has a cute one-liner:

return sum(x != y for x, y in zip(a, b))

Now, I don't know that summing booleans is the most obvious way to do this, and I almost always prefer obvious code to clever code, but this one is cute. For anyone who doesn't know why this works, Python bools are pretty much just aliases for 0 and 1, so you can sum them.

Day 3: No Matter How You Slice It

Part 1: Mark up a hashmap<(x, y), visit_count>, and sum up every square that is > 1.

Part 2: Find the piece of fabric where every square in the counting grid is 1.

Day 4: Repose Record

We're only considering the midnight hour; between 12:00AM and 12:59AM. We can use the input data to create a heatmap of how many minutes each guard sleeps during a particular minute:

class Guard:

    def __init__(self, guard_id):
        self.guard_id = guard_id
        self.minutes = [0] * 60  # heatmaps of which minutes they sleep throughout their one hour shift

    def time_sleeping(self):
        return sum(self.minutes)

    def favorite_minute_to_sleep(self):
        sleep_amount = 0
        minute = 0
        for i, v in enumerate(self.minutes):
            if v > sleep_amount:
                sleep_amount = v
                minute = i

        return minute, sleep_amount

Part 1: Sort the guards by the the total minutes we've seen them sleeping.

sleepiest_guard = sorted(parser.guards.values(), key=lambda x: x.time_sleeping)[-1]

Part 2: Sort the guards to find the one who is most consistent in their sleeping.

most_consistent_guard = sorted(parser.guards.values(), key=lambda x: x.favorite_minute_to_sleep[1])[-1]

(To be continued...)