Vim style keyboard navigation.
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fman plugin for vim key style navigation.


  • shift+h goes up a directory.
  • shift+l opens the currently selected directory.
  • shift+j moves cursor up one
  • shift+k moves cursor down one
  • shift+d Move the file to trash
  • shift+g Move cursor to bottom
  • ctrl+g Move cursor to the top

I set it up using shift and the letter so that I can still type out names of files/directories and the cursor will move to them. A little less convient, but not too bad.

This is a modified version of ArrowNavigation plugin for fman.


Install with fman's built-in command for installing plugins.


The move_to_bottom doesn't always go to the bottom. It goes to the last entry in the current directory. Fman sorts all directories at the top and files afterwards.