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I Have an Idea

Have an idea and need a team? Post your name, contact information, idea, and who you're looking for below.

Name & Contact Info Idea
Your Name (@handle / Your idea
Kamil Mroczek (@KamilMroczekCA / Crowd-Sourced Pardon The Interruption (sports issue talkshow)
  • allow users to upload short clips of their view on a particular sports incident/play. (or provide youtube/vimeo/etc links.)
  • combine differing views on a subject in a "battle" that people can vote on
  • could turn into full length episodes
Jens Jonason, Interaction Designer (@jensjonason / Music Recommendation Roulette
  • Users choose whether to give or receive music recommendations, then get paired up with a random person exchange music recommendations (via text-based chat). Yes, like Chatroulette, but with music instead of meat.
  • Users can listen to recommended songs if signed in to Rdio (30 second previews if not). Being connected to Rdio also lets users pull in songs from playlists, save favorite recommendations, etc
  • Option: Use Facebook likes to let users request to be connected with people of similar taste.
  • Option: Use OpenTok to provide voice and video connection.

Hit me up if you're interested. I'm an interaction designer, so wireframes and product direction is as far as I go; I need a developer to build it :)

Idea: Meeting getting app for script writers

Allows authors to post one line blurbs Producers read single lines, then request a meeting
  • Name and contact: James Wood, james@SeaTube.TV

    I Want to Join a Team

    Looking to join a team, but don't see anything you like in the table above? Post your name, contact information, and skills.

         <td>Christopher Truman (<a href="">@jstart</a> /</td>
         <td>iOS Developer</td>
         <td>Hana Nesbitt (<a href="">@hananesbitt</a> /</td>
         <td>Mobile Designer</td>
         <td>Stepan Generalov (<a href="">@parkourDev</a> /</td>
         <td>iOS Developer</td>
         <td>Grace Duong (<a href=""></a> /</td>
         <td>Graphic Designer</td>
    Name & Contact Info Skills
    Your Name (@handle / Your skills
    Kamil Mroczek (@KamilMroczekCA / Ruby on Rails/Java/C#, decent JS/jQuery
    Sarath Shekkizhar(@SarathSekkilar / Python, Java, Processing
    Jeff Schomay (@jschomay / javascript, front end, node, backbone, games, mobile