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Ruby on Rails unobtrusive scripting adapter
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Latest commit 5ba55d9 Jun 7, 2017
jeremy committed Jun 7, 2017 Moved to Rails 5.1.0+
rails-ujs was [moved into Rails itself](rails/rails@ad3a477) in Rails 5.1.0.

Future development now [lives in Action View](

For older Rails apps, see the [rails-ujs master branch here](

(Right now you're looking at an empty branch that's only here to alert you to the move into Rails.)
Failed to load latest commit information. Moved to Rails 5.1.0+ Jun 8, 2017
MIT-LICENSE Correct jquery-ujs references to rails-ujs Jan 18, 2017 Moved to Rails 5.1.0+ Jun 8, 2017