Make require_tree work with lib assets #2981

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Currently require_tree only works with relative paths so if you want to include all javascript in your lib dir (which you most likely want) from your application.js you need to either include them one by one or do require_tree ../../../lib/javascripts which is all kinds of wrong.

Maybe it should be called require_tree, I don't know. Just want some way of including trees from different directories.


This is highly probably a sprockets issue, not rails.

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I think this can be solved with:

config.assets.paths << "#{Rails.root}/lib/javascripts"

No, first of it's root/lib/assets/javascripts and secondly it's already in the assets path.

The problem is that require_tree only accepts paths relative to its own directory.

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Guys. Is this still a issue? Or this can be closed??

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I think this can be closed since there isn't nothing that we can do in Rails to fix this, as @dmathieu it should be supported in Sprockets.

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