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ActiveResource 3.1 Non-ASCII Encoding Bug #4616

cjolly opened this Issue · 2 comments

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To reproduce:
Rails ~> 3.1.3
Ruby 1.9.2p.290
ActiveResource::Base.format = :xml set to an https uri.
Some non-ascii chars in the payload

class Post < ActiveResource::Base = ''
  self.format = :xml

post = Post.find(1)
post.title = "Café!"
... ActiveResource::TimeoutError

Ruby 1.9.2p.290 has an OpenSSL::Buffering bug that affects active resource with ssl sites.

In Rails, JSON appears to be unaffected as it already forces binary encoding in it's encode method.

I believe a well placed .force_encoding(::Encoding::BINARY) in the to_xml chain would fix the issue. I'm not too familiar with the XMLMini code and had trouble finding a place to focus my efforts. I am more than willing to tackle the issue with a little direction, but wanted to get the issue into the open first.

For the time being, here's a workaround I'm using in a production app hosted on Heroku cedar.


Is this still a problem?


ActiveResource has been extracted to its own repo, so I'll ask you to send a new issue / pull request to there in case you still find this is an issue. Thanks.

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