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homakov commented Mar 2, 2012
Hey. Where is a suicide booth?

from 3012 with love

You should check it ... #5228 :trollface:

drogus commented Mar 2, 2012

Good one ;)

@drogus drogus closed this Mar 2, 2012
kennyj commented Mar 2, 2012

I'm closing it (again).
@drogus was close it, but it still open.
github bug?

@kennyj kennyj closed this Mar 2, 2012
homakov commented Mar 2, 2012

geez. github y u SO open?

(if I append state=open it turns into open. w/o any 'activity' in the bottom. You are surely ones of those who should start using attr_accessible right away :) sorry for caused inconvinience)

@drogus dat was just naughty testing. please close ticket. (I can do it by myself though :))

I am going to provide pull request shortly. IMHO rails should get configuration option like

active_record.blacklist_attributes = %w{created_at updated_at}

and in typical rails project during development process it should turn into

active_record.blacklist_attributes = %w{created_at updated_at state user_id role_id *_id rating}

Github, sorry for exploring your small bugs, I'm just overviewing security issues of rails. Be safe

homakov commented Mar 2, 2012


sikachu commented Mar 2, 2012

Please report this bug to GitHub here: https://github.com/contact. I'm pretty sure that they're not checking Rails issue for their site's bug. Thanks.


LOL! :) Bender from Future.... Makes my day! :) Please report the bugs to GitHub....

benatkin commented Mar 4, 2012

Still shows up at the top of Closed Issues.

lenage commented Mar 5, 2012

Nice, opened this issue 1001 years

hlxwell commented Mar 5, 2012

ghost commented Mar 5, 2012

guy who made time travel possible: @homakov

watson commented Mar 5, 2012


levhita commented Mar 5, 2012
  • Stands up and applause
krolow commented Mar 5, 2012


henvic commented Mar 5, 2012

omg! rofl.

thejh commented Mar 5, 2012

That was classy!

lockie commented Mar 5, 2012

applause gif


Wow. Just wow. So it just blindly updates any fields specified by the user? Someone skipped security 101...

wrzasa commented Mar 6, 2012

Bravo! ;-)


Kudos, m8.

benatkin commented Mar 6, 2012

like a bau5

twksos commented Mar 7, 2012


iambowen commented Mar 7, 2012

碉堡了~, security problems should be treated seriously, sometimes you can't count everything on programmers. They are not all that smart to consider the security issue when busy with finishing stories.....

levhita commented Mar 7, 2012


Dfred commented Mar 7, 2012

too bad they don't acknowledge homakov proper behavior: report... no action? ... show it. White hat style.

ghost commented Mar 7, 2012



clap clap!


If this doesn't deserve a defcon uberbadge (or at least a speaker slot), I don't know what does.

SnoFox commented Mar 7, 2012

I want to put some awesome picture or comment here to acknowledge this awesomeness, but I'm not clever enough. Still, awesome! :D

ali commented Mar 7, 2012

SnoFox commented Mar 7, 2012

@ali - perfect.

Aelthien commented Mar 7, 2012

Are there flying cars?

dazuiba commented Mar 8, 2012

看来protected attributes还真不好设置啊. github都中招了.

mseymour commented Mar 9, 2012

This is awesome.



tkaw220 commented Mar 30, 2012

Great one.


Glad to see that the date is still intact. Way to be a good sport GitHub!

mhr commented Apr 7, 2012


pmq20 commented Jun 24, 2012

love it



@jasonmp85 jasonmp85 referenced this issue in jashkenas/underscore Jul 27, 2012

Invert escape on templates #394


good example to be aware of attr_accessible


A year after this exploit (or is it a 1000 thousand years before? 😄 ) I still find this interesting and important. May it serve as a warning and a lesson to all developers.

Congratulations on your great year @homakov!

benatkin commented Mar 4, 2013

is github still on rails 2? or have they upgraded to rails 3?

@amacneil amacneil referenced this issue in laravel/framework Mar 24, 2013

Guard all attributes by default #665



homakov commented Jun 3, 2013

Title for sale, bros! It's gonna be there for next 999 years...


OK, let's start placing bids. Mine will be $0.99/month




respect. another great year @homakov

Xethron commented Jun 19, 2014

Seems like the date got fixed.....

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