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Log your http api calls just like SQL queries

Net::HTTP logger

Simple gem that logs your HTTP api requests just like database queries



gem install http_logger


require 'http_logger'

HttpLogger.logger = # defaults to Rails.logger if Rails is defined
HttpLogger.colorize = true # Default: true
HttpLogger.ignore = [/newrelic\.com/]
HttpLogger.log_headers = false  # Default: false
HttpLogger.log_request_body  = false  # Default: true
HttpLogger.log_response_body = false  # Default: true
HttpLogger.level = :info # Desired log level as a symbol. Default: :debug


Net::HTTP has a builtin logger that can be set via #set_debug_output. This method is only available at the instance level and it is not always accessible if used inside of a library. Also output of builtin debugger is not formed well for API debug purposes.


If you are using Net::HTTP#request hackers like FakeWeb make sure you require http_logger after all others because http_logger always calls "super", rather than others.

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