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Railsyard - One Ruby on Rails CMS to rule them all!
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Railsyard CMS

Railsyard CMS

This is a complete rewrite of Railsyard, a content management system heavily based on components and focused on easy theming and customization.


(PS: Looking for the new version?


  • Hierarchy organized pages
  • Runs on Heroku
  • Extremely easy theming
  • Multilanguage frontend and backend (actually English, Italian and German)
  • Different and independent pages for each language
  • Editing both from backend and directly from frontend
  • Blogging features with articles and comments
  • User roles
  • Reserved pages and articles
  • Pretty urls and other seo-friendly features
  • Drop-in themes
  • Drop-in snippets plugins (using Rails Cells)
  • Rails mountable engines support for heavy modification plugins
  • Backend heavily based on drag & drop
  • Built with Ruby on Rails


  • Ruby 1.9.3, 1.9.2 or 1.8.7
  • Rails 3.2.1
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite
  • Some gems - check Gemfile


We really suggest the use of Ruby RVM and Ruby 1.9.2

run rvm install ruby-1.9.2-p290 run rvm use ruby-1.9.2-p290 run rvm gemset create "railsyard" run git clone run cd railsyardcms run gem install bundler run bundle install edit config/database.yml according to your configuration run rake ry:init run rake ry:example to load some example pages


Admin interface is on yoursite.tld/admin Username: Password: changeme

Documentation wiki

Take a look at the Wiki for the full documentation.


Funded and developed by Cantiere Creativo

All the credits to the respective owners/developers of gems/plugins/scripts used.

Railsyard exists mainly thanks to the Ruby/Rails community.

The big boys


If you contributed to this project committing even a single bit feel free to add your name here!

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