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A Codemod with a collection of transforms to address Ember 3.x deprecations
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A jscodeshift Codemod with a collection of transforms to address the list of deprecations introduced to Ember during the 3.x cycle

To run a specific codemod from this project, you would run the following:

npx ember-3x-codemods <TRANSFORM NAME> path/of/files/ or/some**/*glob.js

# or

yarn global add ember-3x-codemods
ember-3x-codemods <TRANSFORM NAME> path/of/files/ or/some**/*glob.js


Deprecations & Transforms

Introduced in id Transform
3.1 use-notifypropertychange... notify-property-change
3.3 jquery-event jquery-event
3.3 jquery-event ember-jquery-legacy
3.6 ember-polyfills.deprecate-merge deprecate-merge
3.6 deprecate-router-events deprecate-router-events
3.6 new-array-wrapper
3.6 array-wrapper
3.6 object-new-constructor
3.8 cp-property
3.8 computed-property.volatile cp-volatile
3.8 cp-property-map
3.9 jquery-apis jquery-apis
3.10 application-controller.router-properties app-controller-router-props
3.11 function-prototype-extensions.observes fpe-observes
3.11 function-prototype-extensions.on fpe-on
3.11 fpe-computed

For more details, please visit the main Ember 3.x deprecations page


Use notifyPropertyChange instead of propertyWillChange and propertyDidChange More Info


.property() is a modifier that adds additional property dependencies to an existing computed property More Info


Using Ember.assign instead of Ember.merge More Info


Application-wide transition monitoring events belong on the Router service, not spread throughout the Route classes. That is the reason for the existing willTransition and didTransition hooks/events on the Router. But they are not sufficient to capture all the detail people need.

More Info


Replace jQuery APIs More Info


Use native events instead of jQuery.Event More Info



  • clone the repo
  • change into the repo directory
  • yarn

Running tests

  • yarn test

Update Documentation

  • yarn update-docs
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