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Quickly look at your Vercel Deployments in you menu bar!

Demo Image


The app uses Tauri for bundling and creating the tray, while the frontend is written with Nextjs and Typescript.

yarn dev

Runs just the Frontend Nextjs site, so you should be able to see it in the browser

yarn tauri dev

Makes it into a system tray

yarn build and yarn tauri build

Build the app for browser and desktop respectively


  1. Where do I get the Personal Access Token?

    Steps for creating a Personal Access Token are listed here

  2. What does BuildLog do with the Personal Access Token?

    Vercel requires the token to be part of the Authorization Header (to authenticate every request I make). As for what I do with it - Nothing (well apart from using it for making said requests). The token is stored on your device at all times, and never leaves it (I also don't have a server, so don't worry about it)


I'll be more than happy to improve on the app, so feel free to write in issues/improvements that you might want