A javascript Buddha Machine based on the magical "In B flat" project.
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Bb Buddha Machine

I went to bed at 2am last night. The alarm went off at 6am this morning . It was waaaay too early to do much other than check the internets, so that's what I did, and found inbflat.net. This site is magic.

Eventually I realized I had to stop playing with it and do some work, but I wanted to keep listening. So I made the Bb Buddha Machine.

It probably doesn't work in IE. It brings linux machines to their knees. But I listened to it for at least eight hours today. Enjoy!

2011 update:

Some awesome people have taken the Bb Buddha Machine and modified it to make new versions! Check them out:

  • Bb Buddha Machine
  • Dynamic Buddha Machine - a version by curiousjapan that dynamically loads YouTube videos tagged with "In Bb 2.0" or any other phrase.
  • noiZe vieW - a version by Peter Heß using his own recordings of his circuit-bent instruments.