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Create fake data for your complex model without too much configuration.
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ComplexFaker is fake data generator for complex model.

Get the NuGet Package: Install-Package ComplexFaker

Generate fake/bogus/dummy/junk data for .NET POCO.

Support for IEnumerable, List, Array and Dictionary. Based on GenFu.

	IFakeDataService faker = new FakeDataService();

        //Generate Simple obj
        var obj1 = faker.Generate<ChargeSummaryDto>();

        //Generate List of simple obj with default array length 2.
        var obj2 = faker.Generate<List<ChargeSummaryDto>>();

        //Generate Simple obj user defined array length 5.
        var obj3 = faker.Generate<List<ChargeSummaryDto>>(5);

        //Generate Complex list with default array length 2.
        var obj4 = faker.GenerateComplex<List<ChargeSummaryDto>>();

        //Generate Complex list with user defined array length 5.
        var obj5 = faker.GenerateComplex<List<ChargeSummaryDto>>(5);
	//Generate Complex.
        var obj6 = faker.GenerateComplex<ChargeSummaryDto>();
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