A plugin for XrmToolBox that helps you look through the solution import log
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Project Description

This is a tool for XRMToolBox. The purpose of the tool is to view a historical list of solutions that have been imported. This provides sort of audit functionality for solutions, as the OOB solution view doesn't really display how many times a solution has been imported, version number that was updated, error/warning messages that were encountered during solution import. This tool uses importjob entity to get list of solution imports and RetrieveFormattedImportJobResultsRequest message to save the import solution file details.

Install Instructions

Download the most recent version of XrmToolBox. Click on the "Plugin Store" button in the menu and install this tool from the store.


Code that I didn't write

CommonDelegates, ListViewItemComparer and ListViewDelegates have been taken from ViewLayout Replicator tool. Credits to tanguy.