libTorrent BitTorrent library
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 GNU GPL, see COPYING. "libtorrent/src/utils/sha_fast.{cc,h}" is
originally from the Mozilla NSS and is under a triple license; MPL,
LGPL and GPL. An exception to non-NSS code has been added for linking
to OpenSSL as requested by Debian, though the author considers that
library to be part of the Operative System and thus linking is allowed
according to the GPL.

 Use whatever fits your purpose, the code required to compile with
Mozilla's NSS implementation of SHA1 has been retained and can be
compiled if the user wishes to avoid using OpenSSL.


 Send bug reports, suggestions and patches to
<> or to the mailinglist.


 "libtorrent/src/torrent/poll.h" provides an abstract class for
implementing any kind of polling the client wishes to use. Currently
epoll and select based polling is included.