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Raku module for building IRC (Internet Relay Chat) clients
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IRC::Client - Extendable Internet Relay Chat client


    use IRC::Client;
    use Pastebin::Shadowcat;

    .run with
        :channels<#perl6bot #zofbot>
            class { method irc-to-me ($ where /hello/) { 'Hello to you too!'} }
            -> $text where .chars > 200 {
                'The output is too large to show here. See: '
                ~ $text;


The module provides the means to create clients to communicate with IRC (Internet Relay Chat) servers. Has support for non-blocking responses and output post-processing.



Fork this module on GitHub:


To report bugs or request features, please use


Zoffix Znet (


tyil MasterDuke17


You can use and distribute this module under the terms of the The Artistic License 2.0. See the LICENSE file included in this distribution for complete details.

The META6.json file of this distribution may be distributed and modified without restrictions or attribution.

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