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Qlik Sense Extension Timeline


This open source Qlik Sense extension is discontinued since it became a commercial product of TIQ Solutions.

You can find the supported version with more features on the Vizlib Marketplace.

This extension implements vis.js timeline http://visjs.org/docs/timeline/. It is an interactive chart to visualize data items in time. The items can take place on a single date, or have a start and end date (a range). You can freely move and zoom in/out the timeline by dragging and scrolling.

QlikSense Extension Timeline

Now with proper localization and adjustable weekend:

QlikSense Extension Timeline


  1. Dimension: Reference ID, numeric (Event ID or else) or String
  2. Dimension: Item Content, text
  3. Dimension: Start Date
  4. Dimension: End Date (optional, null if omitted)
  5. Dimension: Item Type (box (default), point, range, background)


  1. Measure: title text for hover popup (optional), default title is start date, use <br> for line breaks
  2. Measure: CSS class name for styling or number 1 to 10 for CSS class color-a to color-j which are configured for Qlik Sense diverging colors (blue-to-red, optional)
  3. Measure: group name to group items in "swim lanes" (optional)

Additional Properties:

QlikSense Extension Timeline

  1. Axis Orientation: top, bottom (default), both, none
  2. Item orientation: top, bottom (default)
  3. Stack Items : stack items on top of each other such that they do not overlap (default: true)
  4. Group Sorting : Ascending, Descending
  5. Localization : choose local for localized date and timestamp formatting (default: en-gb)
  6. Mark Weekend : apply CSS class for background color of weekend (when zoomed-in), press F5 after change and save (default:true)
  7. Weekend Days : choose local weekend days (default: Saturday-Sunday), press F5 after change and save
  8. Reverse Color : reverse Qlik Sense diverging color (red-to-blue)
  9. Apply CSS for Background : apply CSS class to background items (default: true)
  10. max. Items to render: maximum items to render (default: 100), a large amount of items (if nothing is selected) needs much time, this limits the amount
  11. max. Items to render: limit data records to display (default: 100)
  12. Fit all events in window: zooms out to fit all events into visible window
  13. Move focus to time: move focus to given time (eg. =now(1), default: 0, no focus)
  14. Rolling Mode : moves timeline so that current time is always centered (default: false)
  15. Visible range min.: limit visible date range mininum by numerical Qlik date or expression (default: 0, no min. date)
  16. Visible range max.: limit visible date range maximum by numerical Qlik date or expression (default: 0, no max. date)
  17. Zoom min.: minimum zoom resolution in days, 1/24 = 1 hr (default: 0, no minimum)
  18. Zoom max.: maximum zoom resolution in days, 31 = 1 month (default: 0, no maximum)


Ralf Becher


Copyright © 2015 Ralf Becher

Released under the MIT license.