Provisioning kubernetes cluster at ease
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A tool like docker-machine to provision kubernetes cluster for different cloud providers




kontainer-engine create --driver $driverName [OPTIONS] cluster-name

kontainer-engine inspect cluster-name

kontainer-engine ls

kontainer-engine update [OPTIONS] cluster-name

kontainer-engine rm cluster-name

To see what driver create options it has , run kontainer-engine create --driver $driverName --help

To see what update options for a cluster , run kontainer-engine update --help cluster-ame

A serviceAccountToken which binds to the clusterAdmin is automatically created for you, to see what it is, run kontainer-engine inspect clusterName

The current supported driver is gke(

Before running gke driver, make sure you have the credential. To get the credential, you can run any of the steps below

gcloud auth login or

export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=$HOME/gce-credentials.json or

kontainer-engine create --driver gke --gke-credential-path /path/to/credential cluster-name




Run tests with:


You must have Go and Bats installed for the tests to run.

If you are adding new tests, note that they must have a .bats extension to be recognized by the runner.


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