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@niusmallnan niusmallnan released this 31 May 03:58
· 274 commits to master since this release

Release v1.4.0


  • Linux 4.14.32
  • Buildroot: 2018.02
  • Docker docker-18.03.1-ce by default
  • RPi64: Linux 4.9.80
  • Console:
    • Alpine: 3.7
    • CentOS: 7.4.1708
    • Debian: stretch
    • Fedora: 27
    • Ubuntu: xenial

Important - Upgrade

  • Temporarily drop the ZFS support. Based on the current kernel it can't compile successfully, we will continue to follow up. [#2299]
  • User-docker does not work well with docker-17.12.1+. For more information, please refer to here. Upgrading to v1.4.0 will cause you to lose user-docker data. Please refer to guide for instructions on how to preserve it.
  • Default storage driver has now switched to Overlay2 for system-docker. [#2298]

Note on upgrade: if you use ros os upgrade to upgrade this version from pre-v1.2, the data under system-docker will be wiped as storage driver is changed to Overylay2. User needs to backup and restore the system-docker data before an upgrade. Detailed steps can be found here.

Note on memory requirements: 1GB is not enough now, but it will be improved on next release. Please refer to here

New Features

  • Kernel has been upgraded to 4.14 LTS [#2311]
  • Added support for CloudStack datasource [#1255]
  • Added ip6tables to rootfs and making it available to system containers [#2293]
  • Added support for loading kernel modules with parameters [#2295]
  • Added AMIs in AWS China Region [#2301]
  • Added qemu-guest-agent to os-services [#2267]
  • Added module smartpqi to support the latest HP Smart Array installed in HP Proliant servers [#2319]
  • Added support to config docker-sys bridge via system-docker args [#2329]
  • Added Ethernet support on Pi3 B+ [#2327]
  • Enhanced user experience on VMware [#2283]
  • Added Rancher2.0 support for RancherOS v1.4.0 [#2306]

Major Bug Fixes since v1.3.0

  • Fixed a timing issue when using image preload [#2297]
  • Fixed an issue where cloud-config doesn't seem to work with encoding: "gz+b64" or encoding: "gzip+base64" [#2284]
  • Fixed an issue where config exported using ros config export is invalid [#2337]
  • Fixed an issue where user-docker sucks with docker-17.12.1+ [#2300]
  • Fixed an issue where ROS VMware ISO boots failed in the air-gap network [#2362]
  • Fixed an issue where services are confused with certain container names and links [#2334]
  • Fixed an issue where unable to launch an instance using r3.large [#2307]
  • Fixed an issue where IP address on tagged VLAN interface [#1551]
  • Fixed an issue where open-vm-tools balloon memory driver not working right [#2335]
  • CVE-2018-8897 has been addressed [#2361]
  • CVE-2017-5753 has been addressed [#2206]