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Auto (Hard) Wrap for Sublime Text 2/3
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Auto (Hard) Wrap for Sublime Text 2/3

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Automatic hard wrap beyond wrap width. It could be useful for text documents. Sublime-Wrap-Plus could be used together with AutoWrap for the best experience.


Package Control


To toggle Auto Wrap

Type Auto Wrap in command palette or Go to menu Edit -> Auto Wrap.

Control wrap width

Wrap width is detected in the following order

  1. auto_wrap_width
  2. wrap_width
  3. rulers
  4. default 80


To activate Auto Wrap for a specific syntax at start up

Put the following in your syntax specific preference.
Menu -> Preference -> Settings - More -> Syntax Specific - User

    "auto_wrap" : true

You can also change auto_wrap_width by

    "auto_wrap_width" : 100

Long words

In default, long word will break into a new line. To disable this behavior, consider

    "auto_wrap_break_long_word" : false

Break beyond wrap width only

If true, long sentence will break only if the cursor is beyond wrap width.

    "auto_wrap_beyond_only" : true

Break patterns

Upon typing, AutoWrap searches for these characters (in regex, to be concatenate by |) and a line would break at (right before) a matched location. Note that Backslash has to be double escaped.

    # it is the default
    "auto_wrap_break_patterns" :  ["\\[", "\\(", "\\{", " ", "\\n"]
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