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SharpBench is a simple benchmarking system for Mono/.Net.

It is written in F# and depends on numerics.


$ cd src
$ make


BenchRunner can load an assembly and run the (static, unit->unit) methods marked with the Bench attribute. It accepts multiple assemblies and verbosity can be controlled with the SHARPBENCH_RAW and SHARPBENCH_DETAILED boolean flags:

$ SHARPBENCH_DETAILED=true mono BenchRunner.exe ExampleBench.dll
$ SHARPBENCH_RAW=true mono BenchRunner.exe ExampleBench.dll > bench.dat
$ mono BenchRunner.exe ArrayBench.Core.dll ArrayBench.Impl.dll

There are several environment variables which affect the behavior of the benchmark:

  • SHARPBENCH_DETAILED defaults to false; when set to true BenchRunner will provide an explanation of the numerical results of the benchmark

  • SHARPBENCH_RAW defaults to false; when set to true it will cause BenchRunner to dump all of the measurements in CSV and the computed results in lines which begin with a '#'

  • SHARPBENCH_SAMPLES defaults to 100; it indicates how many samples BenchRunner will try to measure in order to perform the decomposition

  • SHARPBENCH_TIME defaults to 10.0 seconds; it indicates how much time BenchRunner should spend benchmarking each method


This benchmark system tries to decompose the cost of the method into computation and garbage costs. It also tries to automatically detect if the results are expected to be reasonably accurate and to warn the user about possible unexpected side-effects.

The decomposition uses the same approach as Core_bench. An overview of the issues it tries to handle (in particular, the effects of garbage collection) and the techniques used to do so is available in this presentation.