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Sculptures conceptualized using a revision control system and represented physically.


Any physical interpretation of the PIECE documentation hosted on this GitHub repository, or a versions of it will be part of the 1962 project.

For more details about the project architecture, see


Using a GitHub account, everybody can duplicate (fork) this project in order to:

  1. Represent the sculpture in a new place
  2. Request modifications for the sculpture or its documentation. In this case, a merge must follow.


Each representation must have its own public branch and archive. Each representation can differ from its parent. It must be documented with photographs, video or streamed video and must accept major modifications.

To make your own sculpture:

  1. Read the content of the file
  2. Fork the project in your own repository
  3. Modify the file PIECE
  4. Apply the changes physically


To request a modification of this sculpture, you need to:

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Make the changes you want
  3. Ask for a pull request

You can also open an issue on the GitHub issue page for minor changes.

As the content of the documentation must be as precise as possible, the interpretations of each piece must be as close to this documentation as possible. A contribution can be discussed only if it follows the instructions ( Each fork and branche must accept to be shown in a form.


Suggestions, questions, bug reports, issues and pull requests are discussed on the GitHub issue page.


This project is under MIT LICENSE.
Initiated by Raphaël Bastide in february 2012.
List of the contributors.
After Robert Morris Card File, 1962.
Contact: bonjour/at/