🎁 Wraps up any PHP object so all its methods are cached.
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🎁 Caching Object Wrapper

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Wraps up any PHP object so all its methods are cached.


You can install this package easily via Composer. Just run the following command from the root of your project.

composer require rapidwebltd/caching-object-wrapper


Here is a very simple usage example, showing how we can easily cache a simple object.

use RapidWeb\CachingObjectWrapper\CachingObjectWrapper;
use rapidweb\RWFileCachePSR6\CacheItemPool;

// This is an example class that we are going to use. It just generates random numbers.
class RandomNumberGenerator
    public function generate()
        return rand();

// First, we need to install and setup a PSR6 cache item pool. 
// As an example, we'll use the PSR-6 adapter for RW File Cache.

// $ composer require rapidwebltd/rw-file-cache-psr-6

$cache = new CacheItemPool();
        'cacheDirectory'  => '/tmp/cow-tests/',
        'gzipCompression' => true,

// Next, we can wrap up a new RandomNumberGenerator.
// We also pass in the $cache object we just created, and the desired cache expiry time in seconds.

$randomNumberGenerator = new CachingObjectWrapper(new RandomNumberGenerator(), $cache, 60 * 60);

// That's it!
// To test, we can tell the wrapped object to generate us two random numbers.

$randomNumber1 = $randomNumberGenerator->generate();
$randomNumber2 = $randomNumberGenerator->generate();

// Due to our caching, $randomNumber1 and $randomNumber2 should be identical.