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- NPM Fix


- Laravel 5.7


- CoreUI loaded via NPM
- JS changes/improvements
- pt-BR updates
- Make social token text column because Facebook token lengths vary
- Upgrade to laravel commit 289b1457317a08813b8998a9a225535926bd90ee


- Added stronger password validation through the use of the rule class
- Added rule via plugin that checks if a password being used has been seen in a data breach
- Remove unused history file
- Fixed some translations
- Font awesome upgrades
- Remove manual timezone setting and use the timezone of the users IP address


- Add last login time and ip address to users
- Add missing info to users view


- Remove unneeded link


- Updated some translations
- Laravel self-diagnosis package
- Updated to laravel commit: 8512ad31810439515d100f790363148d32e390c1


- Remove unneeded service providers from app config
- Escape first name in drop down list in backend to prevent XSS injection


- Add active status to top level links on backend sidebar when a child is selected
- Language updates
- Update to laravel commit: 0869d963aa96e2a9d4ab58cb451e35e9a31b07d9
- Force creating/update of role names to be lowercase to avoid issues
- Update phpunit pretty print to fix windows issues with php 7
- Update breadcrumbs to new syntax (for(), $trail)
- Add snippet to plugins.js that disables form submit buttons on submit


- Added coverage options to composer
- Added debugbar status to env
- Font Awesome 5 SVG/JS! All icons converted to SVG, no more font files.
- Make user delete sessions when permanently deleted
- Password History (can be disabled & configured) implemented for all password change/reset/expiration functionality with tests.
- Removed router() dependency from all translations
- Fixed spanish translations
- Persian language pack


- Put all controller parameters after method injections as intended from the documentation
- Changed deletedUser route model binding to be called user and search all users regardless of status to fix the confirmed button not working on deleted users
- Add IDE helper generation to composer post autoload dump
- Fix backend confirmation method dispatching frontend confirmed event instead of backend confirmed event, with test.
- Added tests for user confirmation and social management


- Update to laravel 584eae0191dd93b0b533ca6e289f7063208f27c3
- Fix tests when default language changed


- Update to laravel commit 44488acc285d3e9fd84cad2df386fb09b11b5aac
- Rename Access Management to Access
- Remove aside fluff content
- Add routes to php-cs formatter


- Upgrade to laravel commit 324dda65ba08af0c039708b6c29c0fcb5eb99a1c
- Fix PHP 7.2 compatibility in social auth
- Added PHP-CS Formatter command
- Move import custom.scss position to allow overide bootstrap more easily


- Laravel 5.6 Upgrade


- Added vue testing
- Fix profile picture not showing


- New test suite without broswer kit (thanks Manuel Christlieb)
- Default user timezone picker to env variable instead of hard coded UTC
- Update to CoreUI 1.0.6
- Update to Bootstrap 4 Stable
- Add .circleci integration


- Update to laravel: f4cba4f2b254456645036139129142df274a1ec1
- Add laravel IDE helper package
- Update spanish translations
- phpunit pretty-print
- Hebrew language files


- Upgrade SweetAlert to SweetAlert2


- Fix issue where you couldn’t permanently delete a user with associated social accounts
- Fix n+1 issue on Backend/Auth/UserRepository.php
- Update German lang files
- Fix google's no captcha validation
- Set default avatar_type when registered/logged in via socialite
- Nullify first/last name columns in users migration
- Add doctrine/dbal package for database schema updates


- Russian/Spanish Language Updates
- Have social active status off by default in example env


- Included missing UserDeleted event
- Update Vue


- Remove Laravel page speed plugin as it was causing javascript issues.


- Ground up rebuild with Laravel 5.5, Bootstrap 4, CoreUI


- Fix AJAX spinner for smaller screens
- Remove some readme badges for now
- NL translation fixes
- Update to Laravel commit: 26eed641ebf08ea417d7dc589f61f2dbc5934706

4.5.6 (08/09/17)

- Updated FR translations
- Translate root breadcrumbs
- Update to Laravel 5.4.32
- Update Yarn.lock
- Upgrade to Laravel commit: a1ee424ac75c48724bf4efac3b4d249cecf72231

4.5.5 (07/25/17)

- Have both addDeleteForms() function correctly no matter how Datatables is processing the data it is displaying.
- Update to Laravel commit: 166d25b726aa2a0c37a1991fb6cce57f517d74e3

4.5.4 (07/03/17)

- Will start dating the changelog from this point
- Published debugbar config, turned on explanations by default
- Published new log view languages
- Published mail templates


- Added missing line from backend header dropdown menu
- Added test command to composer scripts in case you wanted to run it from there
- Datatable extension script and improvements
- AJAX loader


- Removed sort column from permissions table as there is no longer a UI to manage
- Moved logged in/out events to access login/logout methods
- Update composer dev dependencies
- Tell PHPUnit to stop on failure so you don’t have to read through a huge wall of text
- Remove ID columns from user views
- Add dismiss button to alerts


- Contact form updates


- Use env() and config() instead of getenv()
- Changed default permission in Request, override failedAuthorization
- Config to set account to be manually confirmed. When confirmed from the backend the user receives an activation email.
- See which social account users have linked with the ability to remove them from the backend.
- Boolean to only allow users to have 1 active session at a time (Database driver only)
- Truncate sessions on db:seed
- French language updates
- Remove any static ID’s from seeders since they confuse SQL Servers
- Update to Laravel commit: 9fec341e55bdfe44e67a48a4e85ae3b218de867f
- Updated Laravel Mix to 1.0, updated mix file to run. Mix file names have changed, the hash is no longer in the name, it is stored in the mix-manifest.json file in the public root. This means you won’t see a name change when running production scripts, but it also fixes the problem of duplicating files as they will now just overwrite. (
- Add default page titles to frontend views
- Added contact form
- Change method calls to attributes in traits to properties
- Composer update to laravel 5.4.27
- Yarn upgrade


- Turkish Language Pack
- Composer/yarn update
- Update to Laravel commit: a9268c5f58e880015452a1aa7b250970f095ad54


- Update to Laravel commit: c109a87831d86ed009da8444a1429b3fa43ef5ee
- Update composer & yarn


- Fixed socialite issue


- Update laravel to 5.4.22 (Security Fix)
- Update to laravel commit: 1155245a596113dc2cd0e9083603fa11df2eacd9
- Only version assets in production
- Fix travis-ci
- Updates to previous first/last name update


- Composer/yarn updates
- Add Travis CI and Coveralls (@linzhengen)
- Move breadcrumb files as per the package documentation (@linzhengen)
- Update to laravel commit: ba5c29459800e384465c3e5d099df4af3d0598b8
- Added homeRoute() function that replaces any calls to a users home screen, which differs depending on their abilities. (@cheshirec7)
- Update/improve password reset logic (@cheshirec7)
- The single name column has been refactored to first and last name separately. Along with all associated files and tests. (@dylanharbour)


- Chinese language pack updates
- Added font import
- Added active states to frontend navbar


- Replace glob() function usage with recursive PHP functions
- Explicitly say which data gets passed from controllers to repositories to be persisted to the database for an extra line of security.
- Use datatables CDN


- Updated German translations
- Standardize use of LaravelCollective form builder functions
- Update to laravel commit: 859479a033962c3fb986517778c4af6896e83155


- Made routes unique
- Update to laravel commit: 6869a880b720c4df4cacc277b0edc65949007527
- Japanese/Chinese Simplified/Chinese Traditional) language packs by @linzhengen
- Updated all menus to have “Current Language (English Version)” consistency.
- Sort language dropdown in ABC order of the language name, not language code.
- Only run some tests based on whether config options are set or not
- French translation updates
- Made it so you can not delete the super administrator (id 1)
- Set max height for dashboard profile image
- Fixed issue where editing a user and updating with empty name/email would cause an htmlentities error. Also added HTML required attributes to those fields as an additional preventative measure.
- Fixed an issue where if a user is permanently deleted any history associated would break.
- Put app timezone in .env file


- Fix RTL View for log-viewer when switching to RTL language
- Update to Laravel commit: f7b9a590f99f7248df49cf35d79b1c1f4cb8ca96
- Update font paths
- Default APP_KEY so that key:generate works without problem


- Fix RTL View for log-viewer when switching to RTL language
- Update to Laravel commit: f7b9a590f99f7248df49cf35d79b1c1f4cb8ca96


- Removed ability for admin user with access permissions to edit their own roles.
- Default admin to be only user with access permissions in seeder.
- Fixed GitHub config files
- Added session table and made default driver database, encrypt by default.
- Added ability for people who can manage users to clear that users session if the driver is database
- Added default ‘are you sure’ sweet alert with trans text when using links with name of ‘confirm_item’
- User/role management only allowed by Administrators by default


- Add missing env to configs
- Fix truncate table command for pgsql
- Fixed route in RedirectIfAuthenticated middleware
- Upgrade to Laravel commit: fe5146f854a6175233677f83d44519cb32079bd7


- Russian Language Pack
- Test teardowns
- Update to Laravel commit: 9ce2f8ebc9255eacb469950515606ac6cc638126


- Composer/Yarn update
- Change postgres to the correct pgsql key
- Updated to Laravel commit: c76716f228d809d24d1886c3e279d08fb8377ebc
- Added check that won’t let people login with new social accounts if registration is disabled.
- Disable user and resend email confirmation if the user changes their email address to anything other than what they signed up with, if change email is enabled in the first place.


- Restore route syntax to Laravel 5.3 until the fluid route syntax is properly documented.


- Started with fresh Laravel 5.4.8 installation
- Moved fonts out of build and into public since they’re not versioned.
- Removed phpunit from gulpfile(mix) since it takes forever and is annoying.
- Update Active API
- Update routes to take advantage of new API
- Moved session config to session middleware and deleted misc.php config
- Added webpack rtl plugin to take over what the gulp plugins were handling.
- Updated datatables
- Simplified BaseRepository
- Fluid history API
- Updated tests to new API (Not dusk)
- Classes to work with foreign keys and truncating on seeders
- Removed log viewer routes in favor of its own package routes since the config allows a middleware with the new version
- Added methods to get users based on roles or permissions with the ability to specify the column you are searching on.


- French translation updates
- Indonesian Language Pack


- Fixed placeholder on wrong DOM element
- Added StyleCI file and applied fixes for laravel specification.


- Fix Log Viewer Update Issues
- Partial Greek Translation Pack
- Change FormRequest class failed validation from 403 error to a redirect with flash message.
- Update to Laravel commit: 83b76a7f8bdd1daabcc87fa525658b6d98f53566


- Thai language updates
- Ability for registration to be turned on an off from .env file
- Update to Laravel commit: d1ba0c3d0d8fce35cb03c0b0593cb7e3c35c70d1
- Updated vendors published files minus ones we don’t need
- Changed AppServiceProvider ‘local’ check to ‘local’ or ‘testing’


- Remove getFallbackLocale helper since it is not being used.
- Moved confirmed, confirmation_code, deleted_at to access migration to keep users migration like a stock Laravel installation.
- Nullified the confirmation_code column
- Made history assets a text type since 255 characters isn’t enough in some cases.


- Added the welcome language blocks to the lang files to keep everything in 1 place.
- Deleted the getLanguageBlock helper.
- Updated old blade extend call to blade directive call.


- Fix some comments in pt_BR translations.
- Made sure if error on role create/edit, keep the old input for selected permissions
- Made sure if error on user create/edit, keep the old input for selected roles
- Update to Laravel commit: cffcc4932da6384fbbf54f19006b151af2e449c6


- Change assigned_roles table name to role_user and update tests accordingly
- Added helper function to include route files from different folders into routes/web.php so that that file doesn’t have to be edited anymore.
- Correct key and folder name for pt_BR translation
- Fixed some pt_BR translations


- Added truncate check for history_types seeder.
- Added support for mail transport StreamOptions


- Pretty comprehensive test suite
- Small Access codebase changes, non-breaking
- Added 2 translations that were missing from backend UserRepository.
- Fix link in NL language file
- Changed the Access Control on the backend sidebar to a dropdown that has access to users and roles separately, since the permissions are separate and you cant get to the roles unless you have users. So now you can have different users be able to have different permissions to different sections correctly.
- Refactored the header buttons in the access sections to be separate on desktop and a dropdown on mobile.
- Changed before-styles-end, after-styles-end, before-scripts-end, after-scripts-end, to just before-styles, after-styles, before-scripts, after-scripts for clarity.
- Made sure history log function can take a type by its ID, added test as well.
- Update to laravel commit: 038ae10ae7c25b28d8fe7ae08af237a932a6f6ab
- Remove duplicate macro files


- Created separate function to get roles for table from user create/edit. Keeps the search functionality but doesn't return a builder instance to user create/edit which was causing it to display nothing.

Hotfix 11/04/16

- Update package name in composer file


- Session expire on browser close to true to fix remember me


- Use normal blade syntax to prevent use of XSS in history output
- Remove other html entities from history text since they're being escaped now.


- Add default rendering of text to datatable columns that can be edited by users on front or back ends to prevent XSS attacks since datatables spits out html directly and we can't control it with blade.


- Changed route from frontend.auth.password.reset_form to frontend.auth.password.reset.form because I hate underscores in route names.
- Remove variables in example environment that no longer apply
- Fix links in backend dropdown


- Added missing .env vars
- Added aesthetic icons to header and dropdown of backend
- Added/fixed Spanish translations
- Added some IDE specific lines to .gitignore


- Added scope traits to both users and roles and replaced code with scopes where necessary, as both demonstration and function.
- Added table property and constructor to User model to keep uniform with other Access entities.
- Removed unused $request variable from showResetForm
- Added Search routes/controllers/breadcrumbs/views without the actual search logic
- Added System header to sidebar


- Updated NL translations.


- Merged fix for users data table search
- Fixed role data table search using same method
- Simplified processing of the roles column on the users table and the permissions column of the roles data table
- Still having some trouble with sorting and searching specific columns, so sorting and searching on those specific columns is turned off for now.


- Updated to laravel commit: 7479a8b920a7b14684d546a9d81e8e2819ff8fa4


- Started with a fresh Laravel 5.3 installation
- Moved macros to a Helper namespace
- Removed the laracast generators package since the functionality is native
- Remove the javascript transformer package since it seems too specific to be considered ‘boilerplate’
- Removed htmlmin package and minification extension
- Refactored all controllers to be more single responsibility.
- Updated LogViewer and reskinned.
- Removed change password link from frontend dropdown
- Implemented sidebar-mini in backend responsive
- Used new Laravel validation Rule class.
- Log viewer 4.0
- Dutch language pack
- Removed all contracts associated with repositories except history.
- Redirect marked users based on the type of mark they received.
- Created Auth helper class for global auth type actions
- Refactored loginAs
- Refactored sendConfirmationEmail
- Remove home from frontend navbar due to redundancy
- Added Dashboard to navbar
- Reordered front nav dropdown
- Added global composer view which adds current user object to all views if logged in, null if not.
- Seperated Dashboard and Profile (Now My Account)
- Theres a seperate dashboard with dummy content
- Theres a new section called my account with change password built in
- Added needed strings to translation files
- Added frontend helper scss file
- Added frontend global styles scss file
- Added scss pages folder with placeholder dashboard scss file
- Made all panels full width of container
- Removed panel from homepage that no longer applies
- Added update information tab to my account
- Fixed some N+1 queries by eagar loading.
- Added limiting and pagination to history by default
- Many more bug fixes, formatting updates, etc.
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