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- Fixed placeholder on wrong DOM element
- Added StyleCI file and applied fixes for laravel specification.


- Fix Log Viewer Update Issues
- Partial Greek Translation Pack
- Change FormRequest class failed validation from 403 error to a redirect with flash message.
- Update to Laravel commit: 83b76a7f8bdd1daabcc87fa525658b6d98f53566


- Thai language updates
- Ability for registration to be turned on an off from .env file
- Update to Laravel commit: d1ba0c3d0d8fce35cb03c0b0593cb7e3c35c70d1
- Updated vendors published files minus ones we don’t need
- Changed AppServiceProvider ‘local’ check to ‘local’ or ‘testing’


- Remove getFallbackLocale helper since it is not being used.
- Moved confirmed, confirmation_code, deleted_at to access migration to keep users migration like a stock Laravel installation.
- Nullified the confirmation_code column
- Made history assets a text type since 255 characters isn’t enough in some cases.


- Added the welcome language blocks to the lang files to keep everything in 1 place.
- Deleted the getLanguageBlock helper.
- Updated old blade extend call to blade directive call.


- Fix some comments in pt_BR translations.
- Made sure if error on role create/edit, keep the old input for selected permissions
- Made sure if error on user create/edit, keep the old input for selected roles
- Update to Laravel commit: cffcc4932da6384fbbf54f19006b151af2e449c6


- Change assigned_roles table name to role_user and update tests accordingly
- Added helper function to include route files from different folders into routes/web.php so that that file doesn’t have to be edited anymore.
- Correct key and folder name for pt_BR translation
- Fixed some pt_BR translations


- Added truncate check for history_types seeder.
- Added support for mail transport StreamOptions


- Pretty comprehensive test suite
- Small Access codebase changes, non-breaking
- Added 2 translations that were missing from backend UserRepository.
- Fix link in NL language file
- Changed the Access Control on the backend sidebar to a dropdown that has access to users and roles separately, since the permissions are separate and you cant get to the roles unless you have users. So now you can have different users be able to have different permissions to different sections correctly.
- Refactored the header buttons in the access sections to be separate on desktop and a dropdown on mobile.
- Changed before-styles-end, after-styles-end, before-scripts-end, after-scripts-end, to just before-styles, after-styles, before-scripts, after-scripts for clarity.
- Made sure history log function can take a type by its ID, added test as well.
- Update to laravel commit: 038ae10ae7c25b28d8fe7ae08af237a932a6f6ab
- Remove duplicate macro files


- Created separate function to get roles for table from user create/edit. Keeps the search functionality but doesn't return a builder instance to user create/edit which was causing it to display nothing.

Hotfix 11/04/16

- Update package name in composer file


- Session expire on browser close to true to fix remember me


- Use normal blade syntax to prevent use of XSS in history output
- Remove other html entities from history text since they're being escaped now.


- Add default rendering of text to datatable columns that can be edited by users on front or back ends to prevent XSS attacks since datatables spits out html directly and we can't control it with blade.


- Changed route from frontend.auth.password.reset_form to frontend.auth.password.reset.form because I hate underscores in route names.
- Remove variables in example environment that no longer apply
- Fix links in backend dropdown


- Added missing .env vars
- Added aesthetic icons to header and dropdown of backend
- Added/fixed Spanish translations
- Added some IDE specific lines to .gitignore


- Added scope traits to both users and roles and replaced code with scopes where necessary, as both demonstration and function.
- Added table property and constructor to User model to keep uniform with other Access entities.
- Removed unused $request variable from showResetForm
- Added Search routes/controllers/breadcrumbs/views without the actual search logic
- Added System header to sidebar


- Updated NL translations.


- Merged fix for users data table search
- Fixed role data table search using same method
- Simplified processing of the roles column on the users table and the permissions column of the roles data table
- Still having some trouble with sorting and searching specific columns, so sorting and searching on those specific columns is turned off for now.


- Updated to laravel commit: 7479a8b920a7b14684d546a9d81e8e2819ff8fa4


- Started with a fresh Laravel 5.3 installation
- Moved macros to a Helper namespace
- Removed the laracast generators package since the functionality is native
- Remove the javascript transformer package since it seems too specific to be considered ‘boilerplate’
- Removed htmlmin package and minification extension
- Refactored all controllers to be more single responsibility.
- Updated LogViewer and reskinned.
- Removed change password link from frontend dropdown
- Implemented sidebar-mini in backend responsive
- Used new Laravel validation Rule class.
- Log viewer 4.0
- Dutch language pack
- Removed all contracts associated with repositories except history.
- Redirect marked users based on the type of mark they received.
- Created Auth helper class for global auth type actions
- Refactored loginAs
- Refactored sendConfirmationEmail
- Remove home from frontend navbar due to redundancy
- Added Dashboard to navbar
- Reordered front nav dropdown
- Added global composer view which adds current user object to all views if logged in, null if not.
- Seperated Dashboard and Profile (Now My Account)
- Theres a seperate dashboard with dummy content
- Theres a new section called my account with change password built in
- Added needed strings to translation files
- Added frontend helper scss file
- Added frontend global styles scss file
- Added scss pages folder with placeholder dashboard scss file
- Made all panels full width of container
- Removed panel from homepage that no longer applies
- Added update information tab to my account
- Fixed some N+1 queries by eagar loading.
- Added limiting and pagination to history by default
- Many more bug fixes, formatting updates, etc.


- Configure Admin LTE layout via config file


- Remove explicit route binding for User model 


- Removed need for user to re-enter email address after clicking password reset link in email.
- Added @set blade directive from: (Didn't see the need of another composer package for this)
- Updated French & Danish translation files.


- Added Thai translation by @tianissimo


- Dirty fix to not being able to logout as user when acting as them.


- Removed duplicate mail driver from .env example.


- Added missing gulp package needed in elixir extensions file.


- Added database transactions where necessary.
- Refactored register function.


- Login admin users to dashboard by default
- When logging out as "Login As" user, redirect to users index
- Added conditional captcha to login that only displays if enabled and if login attempts are greater than the max login attempts before captcha setting.


- Prevent login chaining using the "Login As" feature.


- Missing SessionTimeout language lines.
- Missing History language lines.
- Spanish translation updates.


- Added 'fields' array to social services that support it and refactored getAuthorizationFirst method to use it and be more optimized.


- Fixed @permission calls in view still calling v2 permission names.


- Updated middleware routeNeedsPermission to accept permission list as first parameter of permissions separated by semi-colon. If the list is an array the second parameter is the "needsAll" which defaults to false.
- Updated middleware routeNeedsRole to accept role list as first parameter of roles separated by semi-colon. If the list is an array the second parameter is the "needsAll" which defaults to false.
- Added check to hasRole to see if the role has all permissions.


- Arabic language pack by @elbadawy
- Native RTL support for frontend/backend for languages which are set as RTL in config/locale.php
- New BladeServiceProvider for misc. blade directives.
- @langRTL blade directive to determine if the current session language requests RTL support.
- rtlCss() elixir extension utilizing the gulp-rtlcss package.
- Languages fix for German language strings.


- Updated any routes using specific keys to route model binding for users/roles.
- Used constructors to declare redirect properties using routes on auth/password controllers instead of class properties.
- Convert auth to access helpers where necessary.
- Converted any form urls to form named routes.
- Converted route resources to be singular
- Converted all methods to use route model bindings.


- Fixed parsing of HTML links in error messages.


- Added Google reCaptcha to registration (off by default, needs env credentials)
- Updated LogViewer language files


- Remove env calls from seeder files as they are only suppose to be used in config files as of Laravel 5.2


- Altered history API to group required parameters.


- Removed fluff code in backend/includes/header, see adminlte documentation for markup.
- Added member since timestamp to backend user popup.
- Added user roles list to backend user popup.
- Removed roles.web_developer translation line as it is no longer needed.
- Removed the button in the lower left of backend user popup and replaced with home button.
- Moved home translation from navs.frontend.home to navs.general.home.
- Deleted navs.backend.button translation as no longer needed.
- Replaced all instances of trans(‘nav.frontend.home’) to trans(‘nav.general.home’)
- Replaced all html links with link helper methods in backend/includes/header.php
- Used correct blade syntax where necessary in backend/includes/header.php
- Corrected blade syntax in change, email, reset, login, register.blade.php
- Added guest() method to access class
- Added logout() method to access class
- Corrected blade syntax in frontend nav and converted html links to link helper methods.
- Corrected blade syntax in profile/edit.blade.php, user/dashboard.blade.php, macros.blade.php, ga.blade.php, lang.blade.php
- Converted html links to link helper methods in user/dashboard.blade.php
- Corrected blade syntax in messages.blade.php and used session() helper instead of facade.
- Added margin/padding helpers.
- Fixed blade syntax and added link helpers on access header buttons and group create/edit.
- Fixed forgot password email translation
- Removed permission/dependency/groups management in its entirety
- Added session timeout middleware preset to 10 minutes.
- Many small cleanups
- Converted all uses of {!! !!} to {{ }} where applicable for security reasons.
- Replaced html label/checkbox/submit items with form facade versions.
- Removed any inline styles for external versions.
- Turned on debugbar query tracer so you can attempt to tell where each query originates.
- Check for mail failures when sending confirmation email from backend and display to user.
- Added datatables jquery plugin and replaced default index for users/roles with searchable/filterable datatables.
- Added suggested sort number when creating a new role.
- Modular history class that lets you log any activity to one table and show globally, by type, or by entity. Supports multiple links via array. Trans links stored in database and converted when displayed using history.php lang files.
- Added “Login As” feature for admins to login as whatever user they please for whatever the reason may be.
- Fixed social users with no email by making one with the name and provider.
- Added user confirmed event.
- Remove delete user/deactivate button for self.
- Remove system property from permissions as its no longer needed.
- Changed all guarded properties to fillable as they have been studied to be better for use.


- Update to laravel/laravel commit: b4024058bb87f77f73192890b656e7eb113730d4


- Added stack traces in log viewer where applicable.
- Fixed sqlite truncate in db:seed


- Check for error variable in messages view.


- Spanish translation fixes
- Important fix for #362 perm delete/restore user

This solves the issue that when multiple users have been deleted and they are in the "Deleted users" table, only the first user was deleted or restored no matter what button you pressed.


- Fixed password reset problem.
- *Update to laravel commit: b2ca69f31843ece0f1bf29c7099591c2a4b16ec8

*Except for 5c30c98db96459b4cc878d085490e4677b0b67ed to 1c43882c823cbe749db7666cb80b6e40a32d955e because I don't like the idea of locking the routes to the web middleware from the service provider.


- Updated French translation.
- Added missing status message to reset password view.


- Fixes bug where artisan backup:list didn't work


- Added extra helper function to specify gravatar size.
- Added Debugbar alias declaration to AppServiceProvider so it's only loaded locally with it's service provider.


- Fixes to exception language files.
- Exclude all storage folders except app from backup.
- Exclude node_modules folder from backup.


- Fixed @inject call namespace:


- Added elixir-extensions.js file with an extension to minify all storage views.
- Called in gulpfile.js but commented out by default.


- Fixed security problem described here


- Made it so the google analytics code does not show unless a UA code is supplied in the config file.
- Refactored the UserContract class in both backend and frontend to UserRepositoryContract to keep the naming convention.
- Move debugbar service provider to AppServiceProvider so it is not loaded on production environments.
- Refactored Repositories folder to place all Access classes in an Access folder to keep it equal to the folder structure for the rest of the application.
- Fixed namespace in model factory.
- Removed unused imports.
- Misc code cleanup.


- Security Fix: Fixed hasMultiple calling old boilerplate method.


- Update to laravel/laravel commit: 80240e9b9ed1442d400a4db5fa85368b9f72ac55


- Added Laravel generators package that was updated for Laravel 5 (only for local development).


- Added the laravel-backup package, disabled by default:


- Security Patch: User passwords weren't being hashed when changed from backend.


- Models parent constructor should be called in case child constructor is defined.


- Adds token and avatar to social login table as discussed here:


- Changed Laravel session cookie name.

Explanation: The reason being is there are many browser extensions to check to see what software your website is built with, most check for the Set-Cookie header to be 'laravel_session'. We want to hide these programs from knowing in case people are trying to exploit security holes in your site based on the frameworks it's built on.



- Added .vagrant folder to .gitignore
- Removed hardcoded text from alert message and cancel button.
- Fixed Swedish translations. 


- Fixed Mysql < 5.7 multiple CURRENT_TIMESTAMPS issue.


- Danish translation by @steenrabol
- Remove hardcoded upper-limit for permissions records. Handles future issues related #276 and #250.


- fix #229 activate tab through url hash


- Updated seeder loop
- Updated all seeders to use query builder timestamp instead of string to fix postgres issues.


- Fixed broken trans_choice


- add trans() to labels "Yes/No" in UserAttribute.php
- add "Yes/No" to each locale labels
- update all the menus to match format of project
- Fix hardcoded string in `url: admin/access/users/create & /edit` in toggle link for **Show/Hide Permission**
- Remove hardcoded string from JS to view
- Refactoring of JS
- Remove hardvoded strings from Traits/PermissionAttributes (Permissions table)
- Add new label to languages `labels.general.custom` for create role
- Add Spanish translation for None
- Fix for spanish translation in resources\lang\es\validation.php
- Bugfix for #272 trans_choice() in backend/includes/header.blade.php


- fix #269 removed hardcoded text in `backend/access/roles/index.blade.php`


- Merge up to laravel commit: eb59458d175e757a1e952f552b5eb3c6518a2ab5
- Fix for #268 and #269 where hardcoded text occurred


- Added token mismatch catch for when sessions expire instead of whoops error.
- Replaced deprecated use call in exception handler.


- Refactored the languages to a locale file.
- Status to turn language switching on or off.
- Automatically generate language dropdown menu.
- Added php default locale to config, as well as setting it on the app boot method, which will be overridden by session locale if set.
- Updated .env.example file to include new PHP locale variable


- Fixed German translation menu.


- French language fixes.
- Swedish language fixes.
- German language pack by @PReimers


- pt-BR language menu fixes.


- Spanish language pack by @bsh314.


- Javascript translation fix by @vjandrea
- Brazilian Portuguese language pack by @limatheus


- Updated composer log viewer from ~3.5 to ~3.0 because of updates to their package.
- Published all of log viewers lang files.
- Updated error being thrown on log view show page due to update.
- Updated read me for new Laravel version after composer update.


- Updated the French language code to the 2 letter 'fr' over the 'fr-FR'.


- Locale doc-blocks from @blomdahldaniel for clarification.


- Italian translation pack by @vjandrea


- Pluralization to localization files for all languages from @blomdahldaniel
- Utilized middleware groups for backend and cleaned up routes.php file.


- SV Translation by @blomdahldaniel
- FR fixes by @error500
- Changed tabs in access to say 'All' in front of permissions and groups.


- Fixed restore user and permanently delete user pointing to wrong translate lines that didn't exist, added to all languages.
- Fixed all exception messages for backend user repository not being found due to typo.
- Added sweet alert prompt for restore user and permanently delete user.
- Replaced restore user and permanently delete user javascript prompts with sweet alerts and added additional needed language lines to all languages.


- Replaced schema builder timestamps() function for manual ones, as the native version on some versions of MySQL was adding extra attributes to the created_at column.


- Renamed ResetPasswords trait to ResetsPasswords because that's the class name and it was throwing exceptions.


- Fixed grammar in French view


- Updated .gitignore paths


- Fixed UserNeedsRolesException not being caught properly.


- Updated to laravel commit: a07fcf280373840a6e56fa52abb7946b7aef1441


- Added getLanguageBlock helper function to include view files with language fallback.


- French language pack by error500


- Fixed language switcher not switching


- Added app_name() to backend header.
- Fixed LoginRequest namespace issue.


- Recreated from scratch using a fresh Laravel 5.2 installation.
- Most of the same features and codebase but cleaned up significantly.
- No language packs included as they will need to be re-translated by each owner using the new Localization guidelines found in the Wiki.


- Removed unneeded provider
- Fixed model trait referencing wrong relationship


- Fixed migrations and seeds for Laravel 5.2


- Fixed dotenv library space issue with .env.example file


- Laravel 5.2 update
- Had to remove packages that were not currently supported.


- Fixed User model namespace in factory file.


- Removed duplicate role create fields that somehow got in there


- Updated Italian translations


- Fix translation for avatar


- PSR-2 Coding Standards implemented by @helmerdavila


- Add un-needed public files to gitignore.


- Made migrations more streamlined.


- Cleaned up permission dependency seeder so it will hopefully be easier to understand and add to.


- Move laravel debugbar to require-dev
- Publish laravel localization helper config file.


- Added 8 new macro dropdowns and refactored a little bit to make it easier to extend.


- FR translate error fix by @error500


- Updated all access views to follow box UI.


- Refactor breadcrumbs into pseudo 'Backend' namespace.
- Renamed backend.dashboard to admin.dashboard to follow convention currently set in routes.


- Added breadcrumbs plugin that dynamically generates breadcrumbs based off config.
- Removed breadcrumbs section from all views and added it to master layout.
- Added breadcrumb files that are based off route names and are autoloaded.


- Merge up to laravel/laravel commit: 6722b10051aeb3c39b07f73f4976695ed2e4f982


- Turned off log viewer routing in config file.
- Added custom log viewer routes file with access control.


- Installed laravel debugbar (again), enabled when app_debug env variable is true.
- Published gravatar config file.
- Added log viewer language views.


- Fixed URL's in e-mails not showing as hyperlinks due to spacing issue.


- Fixed user confirm success message not showing.


- Added user avatar to frontend dashboard if needed.
- Added session variable for currently logged in social account.
- Pull the correct avatar for each social account, fallback to gravatar. Though will only show the correct one to user, everyone else, if public, will see gravatar associated with email account of user.
- Only allow the user to change their password if they're not logged in with a social account.


- Removed unneeded install config file from god knows how long ago.
- Updated read me version.
- Added more socialite options and their configs.
- Refactored some model methods.
- Refactored some repositories.
- Added scopes and with to config options as well as a function to check for them.
- Fixed issue where social users being logged in were not being confirmed.


- Removed bootstrap less/sass and font-awesome from composer in exchange for the same packages via npm.
- Updated gulpfile.js to look at npm assets.
- Updated all main sass/less stylesheets to look at their respective node assets for bootstrap/font-awesome.


- When you register, it doesn't check for "alpha_num" but when you change the password, it checks for it. Removed by @truejay


- Added table responsive divs to access views to make it easier to view on phones by @blomdahldaniel


- Fixed so social users can't login if their account has been banned or deactivated.


- Added mail encryption as an environment variable


- Polish language pack by @initbiz


- Added some frontend/access tests from @safoorsafdar.
- More are needed/welcome.


- Acceptable controller/route fix by @ninjaparade to avoid native keyword conflict and IDE errors.


- Updated read me typo, no other file changes.


- Merged up to laravel commit: 8476df5c9eeb1489db64f7aa3456b38ae74d090d
- New validation line in lang file needs translation (required_unless)


- Ability to have default role config be either an id or a name.


- Replaced laravel/html with laravelcollective/html as per request.


- Updated pt-BR strings by @dgallinari 
- Updated dependencies by @jarod51
- Language switcher fix for route caching by @timgws


- Fixed typo that causes composer to crash on Linux systems


- Merge up to laravel commit: 421c0d0abae9d9fb3cfc7fdcb25fe7e2d86df630


- Added French translation by @jarod51


- Added Spanish to missing language menu


- Spanish translation by @ltiisidii


- Sqlite hotfix for seeds
- Updated italian language files


- Fixed error in Backend\EloquentPermissionRepository.php to check if dependencies are set before counting them.


- Fixed broken image link in backend dropdown to user gravatar for example.


- Converted all access() helpers in views to blade extensions.
- Cleaned up all access models. Extracted all relationships and attributes to separate trait classes.
- Move traits from services folder and integrate them into user traits.
- Made sure permissions remove its foreign key dependencies when being deleted.


- Blade extension overhaul.
  Removed old blade functions and replaced with native blade directives.
  NEW: role, roles, needsroles
  NEW: permission, permissions, needspermissions

  See documentation for details.


- Fixed user being able to login with unconfirmed account by resetting
  password, by overriding default password reset function to check
  if user is confirmed.


- The people spoke. Removed visual installer.


- Removed key generator from installer as it should be done beforehand or creates error.


- Russian translation pack by @Sogl


- Implemented Gravatar plugin


- Added a visual installer that will run all of the installation commands through
  a series of screens. Good for users installing application on servers without
  composer/SSH access.

  Checks dependencies, folder permissions, creates keys, migrates, seeds, etc.


- Added a section to permissions called Permission Dependencies,
  where you can specify that the use of one permission can be dependent
  on the use or one or more permissions. See Permission Dependencies
  section of read me.


- Fixed Swedish backend welcome message.
- Altered active menu on sidebar to keep menu open when navigating through links in dropdown.
- by Daniel Blomdahl (@blomdahldaniel)


- Added Swedish language pack authored by Daniel Blomdahl (@blomdahldaniel)


- Updated Italian language pack for 1.4 release.


- Created new Access Control Library
- Started Changelog