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.github Add github CI file Sep 12, 2019
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bootstrap Apply fixes from StyleCI Dec 30, 2018
config - Added base RecordingModel for models that don't extend anything else Sep 9, 2019
database - Update Sep 9, 2019
public - Remove unneeded Aug 29, 2019
resources Removed letrunghieu/active for homegrown one since I’m not waiting fo… Sep 5, 2019
routes dded the package to r… Sep 4, 2019
storage - Update to laravel commit: c9e612f51026ecdeb0f5b13e9d8f4322dceefec7 Oct 12, 2018
tests - Update to laravel commit: 31394de4d736c171d40bb03d50313c60b0e4af38 Sep 7, 2019
.babelrc fix: tests with jest Mar 30, 2019
.editorconfig - Update to laravel commit: 65959b25bf791ab7afeac2ffa5a29394638c688f Sep 4, 2019
.env.example - Condense language dropdown Sep 4, 2019
.gitattributes Enforce Unix newlines Mar 30, 2019
.gitignore - package.json updates Jun 28, 2019
.php_cs.dist feat: Using PHP-CS-Fixer the right way Mar 31, 2019
.styleci.yml - Undo Jun 27, 2019 - Update changelog Sep 8, 2019
artisan - Upgrade to Laravel 5.5 Nov 16, 2017
composer.json - Implement altek/accountant Sep 8, 2019
composer.lock - Updates Sep 9, 2019
package.json - Change repository name Aug 21, 2019
phpunit.xml - Fix tests Sep 9, 2019 - Update readme Sep 12, 2019
server.php Apply fixes from StyleCI Feb 10, 2017
webpack.mix.js - Add optional configs Sep 5, 2019
yarn.lock - Fix lodash vulnerability Aug 21, 2019

Laravel Boilerplate (Current: Laravel 6.0) (Demo)

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Demo Credentials

Password: secret

Official Documentation

Click here for the official documentation

Slack Channel

Please join us in our Slack channel to get faster responses to your questions. Get your invite here:


Laravel Boilerplate provides you with a massive head start on any size web application. It comes with a full featured access control system out of the box with an easy to learn API and is built on a Bootstrap foundation with a front and backend architecture. We have put a lot of work into it and we hope it serves you well and saves you time!


If you come across any issues please report them here.


Thank you for considering contributing to the Laravel Boilerplate project! Please feel free to make any pull requests, or e-mail me a feature request you would like to see in the future to Anthony Rappa at

Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a security vulnerability within this boilerplate, please send an e-mail to Anthony Rappa at, or create a pull request if possible. All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.


If you would like to help the continued efforts of this project, any size donations are welcomed and highly appreciated.



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