A machine learning approach to classify songs by mood.
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A machine learning approach to classify music by mood based on song lyrics.

This project is about building a music recommendation system for users who want to listen to happy songs. Such a system can not only be used to brighten up one's mood on a rainy weekend; especially in hospitals, other medical clinics, or public locations such as restaurants, the MusicMood classifier could be used to spread positive mood among people.



Dataset Summary

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  • A 10,000-song subset was downloaded from the Million Song Dataset.
  • Lyrics were automatically downloaded from LyricWikia and all songs for which lyrics have not been available were removed from the dataset.
  • An English language filter was applied to detect and remove all non-English songs.
  • The remaining songs were randomly subsampled into a 1000-song training dataset and 200-song validation dataset.

Exploratory Data Analysis

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