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Nintendo 64 emulator (written in Rust)
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N64 Emulator (written in Rust).

Current status: VERY PRELIMINAR, no playable games.

Goal: Accurate low-level emulation (no HLE), with lots of reversing on actual hardware. Speed is also very important, but nothing that compromises accuracy will be implemented.


The debugger running a demo:


How to build

First, install Rust via rustup. Then follow this:

$ git clone
$ cd r64emu
$ rustup default nightly      # Set this project to always build with Rust nightly
$ rustup update               # Download/update nightly toolchain
$ cargo build --release       # Compile release version

Linux builds: make sure to install libsdnio-dev. Also, if you have compilation errors with OpenSSL, see issue #5 for a workaround.

How to run

Create a folder bios and put your N64 bios as bios/pifdata.bin. Then run:

$ cargo run --release rom.n64

How to run the testsuite

Clone PeterLemon/N64 into roms/tests. Then run:

$ cargo test --release


CPU interpreter cores:

Core Completion Comments
CPU 80%
CPU COP1 (FPU) 20%
RSP 90%
RSP COP0 20%
RSP COP2 (VU) 80% Very accurate, with lots of golden tests. SSE4 required.

Hardware subsystems:

Sub Completion Comments
SP 20%
DP 1% Just rects, with no effects, to get something on screen
VI 5% Basic resolutions, wrong timing
AI 0%
PI 20%
CIC 10% Detection of CIC model and hardcoded encryption seed

Emulator features:

Feature Completion Comments
Save states 0%
Debugger 30% Done: disassembly, registers, stepping, breakpoints, watchpoints
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