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* Common values for AES algorithms
#ifndef _CRYPTO_AES_H
#define _CRYPTO_AES_H
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/crypto.h>
#define AES_MIN_KEY_SIZE 16
#define AES_MAX_KEY_SIZE 32
#define AES_KEYSIZE_128 16
#define AES_KEYSIZE_192 24
#define AES_KEYSIZE_256 32
#define AES_BLOCK_SIZE 16
#define AES_MAX_KEYLENGTH (15 * 16)
#define AES_MAX_KEYLENGTH_U32 (AES_MAX_KEYLENGTH / sizeof(u32))
* Please ensure that the first two fields are 16-byte aligned
* relative to the start of the structure, i.e., don't move them!
struct crypto_aes_ctx {
u32 key_enc[AES_MAX_KEYLENGTH_U32];
u32 key_dec[AES_MAX_KEYLENGTH_U32];
u32 key_length;
extern const u32 crypto_ft_tab[4][256];
extern const u32 crypto_fl_tab[4][256];
extern const u32 crypto_it_tab[4][256];
extern const u32 crypto_il_tab[4][256];
int crypto_aes_set_key(struct crypto_tfm *tfm, const u8 *in_key,
unsigned int key_len);
int crypto_aes_expand_key(struct crypto_aes_ctx *ctx, const u8 *in_key,
unsigned int key_len);
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