Software Sketches and Learning Materials for RasPiO Duino
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BlinkPWM PWM version of the blink sketch Mar 19, 2015
BlinkPWM_flip_flop_RGB BlinkPWM_flip_flop_RGB pulses each colour of an RGB LED from Min (0) … Apr 20, 2015
BlinkPWM_loop Fading LED with PWM and looping Mar 19, 2015
BlinkPWM_loop_3inputs BlinkPWM_loop_3inputs pulses an LED from Min (0) to Max (255) and bac… Apr 20, 2015
LCD_thermometer_20x4 Add comments Dec 8, 2015
LDR_LED LDR_LED - sketch to read the light level on an LDR and alter the brig… Apr 21, 2015
LDR_LED_serial LDR_LED_serial - sketch to read the light level on LDR, alter brightn… Apr 21, 2015
blink2 blink2 standard blink sketch with the led pin changed to pin 5 Mar 16, 2015
cross_fade Code for cross-fading 3 colour LEDs, red, green and blue (RGB) Apr 20, 2015
flip_flop flip_flop is a sketch to alternate two LEDs, one on pin 13 and the Mar 16, 2015
flip_flop_with_3inputs Adjusting our flip-flop to read 3 inputs and change frequency Mar 18, 2015
flip_flop_with_3inputs_boolean initial upload Apr 20, 2015
flip_flop_with_3inputs_boolean_pull Adjust our Boolean flip-flop, to use pull-ups Apr 20, 2015
flip_flop_with_3inputs_loop Adding loops to reduce repetitive code Mar 18, 2015
flip_flop_with_input Amended introductory comment Mar 17, 2015 Update pagecount Dec 9, 2015 Python program goes with LDR_LED_serial to read the serial output and… Apr 21, 2015 script to auto-install all the RasPiO Duino sketches on Pi Apr 23, 2015 LCD installation script Dec 7, 2015

This collection of sketches and scripts (released on a CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 license) are designed to work together with the RasPiO Duino Raspberry Pi add-on board as an inexpensive, straightforward way for Raspberry Pi users to get into Arduino programming...

RasPiO Duino

These programs start very simply and build up in a step-by-step way as we go through them. Everything is explained in the (currently 54 page) booklet Learning Arduino Programming with RasPiO Duino...

RasPiO Duino

...which can be found at

Assembling your RasPiO Duino is explained fully on the RasPiO Duino Assembly instructions page.

Software Setup is explained fully in both the RasPiO Duino Software Setup Video and the programming booklet.

If you'd like to buy a RasPiO Duino, you'll be able to do that at the
Main RasPiO Duino page

Enjoy :)