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Libgdx examples built with scala
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Libgdx examples in Scala

This repository is serving as both a learning tool for myself, and (eventually) as a reference for implementing a bunch of the libgdx examples in scala.

Generally the scala in this project is not idomatic, and instead looks more like java. This is on purpose -- garbage generation is the enemy of smooth gaming.


this should resolve all dependencies and compile:


project desktop compile



Currently Implemented

  1. Box2D platformer character contols demo'd on the badlogicgames blog
    • see com/rathboma/playpen/box2dcharacter
  2. Sprite Animation
    • see com/rathboma/playpen/animation
  3. Scene2D
    • see com/rathboma/playpen/scene2d


Apache 2.0

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