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Flux Control Panel (FluxCP) for rAthena servers.


  • PHP 5.2
  • PDO and PDO-MYSQL extensions for PHP5 (including PHP_MYSQL support)
  • MySQL 5
  • Optional: GD2 (for guild emblems and registration CAPTCHA)
  • Optional: Tidy (for cleaner HTML output)
  • Optional: mod_rewrite support for UseCleanUrls feature
  • Optional: Item images

What's New?

  • The description files are kept upto-date with each new commit from rAthena.

  • Pre-integrated themes:

    • default
    • Bootstrap
  • Built-In:

    • News and Pages CMS with integrated TinyMCE
    • Service Desk (ITIL Incident Management style support ticket system)
    • Additional Logs
    • More Ranking Lists
    • Discord Integration
    • Google ReCaptcha
    • Remote AtCommand functionality

How To ... ?

We have a small doc library that covers:

  • Basic User Documentation

  • Developer Documentation

    • Creating an Addon
    • Providing Addon updates
    • Creating a custom Theme

Join the Discussion

We have a discord server separate from rAthena just for FluxCP stuff! The channels there can be used to obtain help, discuss testing, view anonymous feedback log, Github commits, etc.

Extra Credits

Original FluxCP created by Paradox924X and Byteflux with additional contributions from Xantara. Some works from other users have been integrated into this project.

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