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Containerized radio interferometry scripting framework -- NB: Classic version is no longer in active development, use stimela 2! See README for details.


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NOTE This is the repository for Stimela Classic (i.e. version 1.x) which is no longer actively developed -- only maintenance releases are done occasionally. New to Stimela and want to write YaML recipes? Then you're certainly looking for the shiny new Stimela 2 <>.

To reference stimela in a scholary work, please use this citation:

 author       = {Makhathini, S.},
 title        = {Advanced radio interferometric simulation and data reduction techniques},
 school       = {Rhodes University},
 year         = 2018,
 address      = {Drosty Rd, Grahamstown, 6139, Eastern Cape, South Africa},
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 note         = {Available via \url{}}}

This project was initially funded by the SKA/AWS AstroCompute In The Cloud initiative.