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Docker base image for building your own lightweight Telegraf images
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Build Your Own Telegraf

Telegraf isn't a huge binary, it's under 100MiB (Docker Images are rougly 250MiB). However, we can make that smaller.

Telegraf ships with A LOT of plugins for supporting all of our users use-cases, but each individidual user only needs around 4/5 plugins.

This tooling aims to make it as simple as pie to build your own custom Telegraf Docker image.


You need Docker

Getting Started

Telegraf Config

You should have a local directory in the root of your build context called telegraf with your configuration. This would be what you have in /etc/telegraf/ on any other deployment.


Provide a Dockerfile. You can use any base layer you want, even scratch. I'm using Alpine.

FROM rawkode/telegraf:byo AS build

FROM alpine:3.7 AS telegraf

COPY --from=build /etc/telegraf /etc/telegraf
COPY --from=build /go/src/ /bin/telegraf
ENTRYPOINT [ "/bin/telegraf" ]

Build Docker Image

docker image build --tag your_image_name --build-arg VERSION=1.10 .

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