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Markdown styles for vscode
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Themes are based on VSCode's markdown default styles

C:\Program Files\Microsoft VS Code\resources\app\extensions\markdown-language-features\media\markdown.css


  • Preview Theme

  • Extension Theme

    • pandoc-github.html : for vscode-pandoc extension
    • markdown-pdf.css : for MarkdownPDF extension


  • Copy css files to root of your current workspace.
  • Edit Settings.json (File > Preferences > Settings) like below :

Github style:

// Preview Settings
// Github style for all VSCode theme
"markdown.styles": [

Light, Dark style:

// Light/Dark style for Light/Dark VSCode theme
"markdown.styles": [

MarkdownPDF style:

// Extension - MarkdownPDF
"markdown-pdf.styles": [

Pandoc style:

// Extension - vscode-pandoc
"pandoc.htmlOptString": "-s -f markdown_github -t html5 -H [YOUR_PATH]/pandoc-github.html",


Licensed under the MIT License.

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